McGregor vs. Khabib official for Oct. 6 in Vegas

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    lmfao they use the bus incident to market the fight ahahaha i love it

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    McGregor by KO in round 1

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    Brad Ellis predicts Khabib to beat McGregor in latest kingdom hearts stream

  • This is an awesome fight, stylistically two vastly different styles. Khabib obviously has to be able to get in the clinch with Conor while not eating a fight ending left straight to have a shot in this one, the takedown and ground control being a given from there. Conor will need to play the matador circling out and positioning himself to set up that left straight.

    I really hope this one gets out of the first, while it would be great for Conor to come back and melt Khabib in the first I want to see these two actually have a fight.

    Though if I was a betting man I'd bet Khabib will get injured and pull out of the fight, which could lead to a Conor v Nate 3 which would also be fun.

  • What a fight

  • Great performance by Khabib that he immediately spoiled with his actions post fight. Besides making the sport look bad it doesn't seem like anyone is pressing charges or got injured which is good. The commission will suspend and fine him and then that'll be that.

    I imagine Connor will get the rematch, I don't foresee a different outcome but Connor has looked better in the one rematch I've seen him in (against Nate Diaz) so who knows.