Fun brain dead games to play?

  • I'm looking for some fun brain dead, but still engaging games to play. PS3/360/xbone/ps4 are the platforms I have.

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    Mother Russia Bleeds is a fun beatemup in the vein of Streets of Rage. Great soundtrack too.
    Nidhogg is hilarious. Sword dueling "first to push to the other side wins" stuff. Technically very deep combat but mostly you'll be jumping around and slashing your sword like a maniac.
    Dead Nation. Top down twin stick zombie game.
    Alienation. Same as above but aliens and somewhat deeper RPG style elements.
    Warframe. While the game actually has an insane amount of depth, you can mostly turn your brain off for a lot of it and just slaughter enemies at Sanic speeds.

  • Destiny used to be my go to brain dead game.
    Gran Turismo Sport's singleplayer is pretty doable during brain dead sessions.
    Sport games like FIFA are perfect for this too.
    My highest recommendations goes to Grow Home and Grow Up, both of them are exploration/climbing games with good amount of challenge.

  • WWE games tend to be my "mute the TV, catch up on a podcast or something, and just zone out" game

  • I thought about Warriors/Senran Kagura games, but I not sure if they'd meet the "still engaging" requirement. Regardless, something to consider.

  • @sacred-arfaid I can vouch for Estival Versus and PBS at the very least. EV's loaded with a lot of filler enemies you just mow through but there are boss fights at the end of every stage and even when just going through the mooks there's usually the secondary objective of hunting down festival platforms as well. And of course PBS is a third person shooter instead of a musou so it's a totally different beast.

  • GTA V is what I like to play at such times. And if I get tired of wanted levels/dying, I drop into Director Mode with invincibility.

  • I've only played it on PC, but Slime Rancher is also on PS4. Fun just grinding out your slimes and exploring the world, which has surprisingly few invisible walls, and lets you go just about wherever to hunt out these treasure pods and unlock newer areas in the world with new slimes to ranch. They just introduced droids that can even automate the ranching your slimes part if you don't enjoy that.

  • The Uncharted series is a very good "popcorn" series. Very easy to pick up combat and simple stories; it's my go to series for switching off.

  • Borderlands 2 was a good one for me. The gameplay is fun and I didn't really feel bad about putting on a podcast or something while playing

    I also usually keep a multiplayer game to jump into for a few matches when I'm in that kind of mood.. it used to be CoD but I've been more into Battlefield for the past few years

  • @sheria
    Kinda feel the same way about uncharted, granted its the only thing that even remotely comes close to being a playable Indiana Jones game ( With the Tomb Raider Legend ssubseries being the only other one off the top of my head) Love when I have a long weekend and can marathon thru one of them, which oddly I did with all of them up to Lost Legacy ;Then again I barley had time to sleep let alone play anything when it came out.
    GTA and most open world racers, I just like driving around listening to music, that and it doesn't end with me refueling my whole tank, or somehow being damn near in another state

  • Noby Noby Boy is such a good mindless game. Use your imagination and you'll be amused. It's like $3.

    • Motorstorm
    • Katamari
    • GTA IV or GTA V
    • Just Cause
    • COD MP


    I just found this video scrolling online:

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    @dipset Oh man how could I forget Motorstorm.
    Motorstorm is so good.
    I miss Motorstorm.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Never played Motorstorm Apocalypse but I put hours into Motorstorm and Motorstorm Pacific Rift. The original was better for the simplicity of just drive and boost, but Pacific Rim was endlessly fun with the crazy levels, monster trucks, and SPLIT SCREEN. I wish the series never died off. It had its time and place but they were so fun to shut your mind off and play with friends.

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    @dipset I fell in love with the series almost instantly. There was just something so visceral about how the racing felt, desperately struggling to control your car as you transition from dirt to mud, timing boosts perfectly to get extra air off of jumps... it was magic.

    Also, since it seems every game these days either has to fall for the open world meme or die instantly (R.I.P. in Peace OnRush) I think the Motorstorm games are the perfect candidate. Just think about driving across a huge island with several different biomes (Desert for original, jungle for Pacific Rift, snow for Arctic Edge, destroyed city for Apocalypse) checking out different events in the festival.
    Please hire back Evolution, Sony. I beg of you.

  • @el-shmiablo
    That genuinely sounds like an awesome idea for Motorstorm, Sounds more interesting then Horizon anyway.

  • Noone has said it yet, so I will throw Doom (2016) into the ring. Incredible action set to a bone shredding soundtrack with minimal supra-tentorial input required to enjoy.

  • @el-shmiablo

    That does sound awesome but I also feel the same way about Twisted Metal. There are a million ways this series can adapt to current trends and battle royale is one that immediately jumps to mind. Whatever it takes to get a good game. The PS3 one was good but didn't have 4 player coop and online was weird.