How to get into fighting games?

  • Pretty much what @E_Zed_Eh_Intern said, and you can usally find like Facebook groups for local groups or events in your area (helped me find a few)
    As for finding a game it will come down whatever strikes a cord with you, I remember when my local arcade was still a thing MvC1 got me hooked because it had Mega Man and X-Men, Tekken 3 because it was the only fighting game my cousin had for his PS1, SF3 for its Sprite work, Soul Caliber 2 for Link, and so on and so one. Another thing while not cheap is pick up a handful of games and give them a shot and see what clicks, I remember grabbing DOA2, and it's Hold system really convinced me to get future titles (Well ones that weren't Xbox exclusive) or picking up Def Jam as a blind rental.

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    If you don't want to play Ryu, check out Ed. Most of his attacks are directionals, so for somebody who sucks at most traditional fighting games but is decent at Smash, the transition is a little easier and you can worry more about timing over complex execution.

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    @smoothrunes If you are interested, I got Tekken 7 and also based in southern UK. So if you want a sparring partner and someone to try out things with, give me a shout!

  • @lotias What platform do you got it on?

  • @smoothrunes Urien IS quite cool. Did you have any questions about him in particular? I would be glad to play online but, being a world apart, the connection may be awful. I have it on PS4.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Don't think I have any questions about him really. As for playing, I suppose we could give it a go, though maybe another idea would be for me to stream my gameplay for you to watch and comment on what I'm doing wrong.

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    @smoothrunes oh yeah sorry, should of said! Im on PS4! (same name)

  • @lotias Ah, that's a shame since I was planning on getting it for PC.

  • @smoothrunes Don't think I can swing that. With a newborn around, I have very little in the way of free time and prefer to use what I have to play rather than watch. If you do come up with any questions about SF, don't hesitate to ask.

  • I'll co-sign everything e_zed offered you and add a couple pieces of advice of my own.

    After reading your introductory post I see some hesitation on your part over execution. You may want to look at 3D fighters like tekken and soul calibur over 2d like street fighter and dragon ball fighterz.

    The execution barrier is far less in 3D games, but there is always a character or 2 that have high execution so if you eventually do get a taste for that, it's still available.

    There is a lot more knowledge and memorization/move recognition in 3D fighters just because of the sheer number of moves available. While this feels daunting at first it really allows for individuality to shine through in ones play style.

    This also allows "bad matchups" to feel more manageable in 3D fighters because while they do exist they don't feel as daunting as 2d where character design and limited move selection really create some rough 8-2 scenarios.

    Like e_zed mentioned, learn to be ok with losing and try to identify why you lost. There is always something to be gained from a loss. Finding newer players who are just learning the game as well is a good tool to level up without feeling overwhelmed by a veteran.

    My expertise is soul calibur so when 6 drops if you have any interest let me know!

  • @kab Funnily enough I have been trying my luck at Tekken 7 for the past few days. Mixed results. I did quite well rising up the kyu ranks, but once I reached dan it was clear my opposition knew the game better than I did. Think it's going to take some time before I start turning Ls into Ws again.