Dream EZA Collaborations

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    So with Brandon Jones showing up at Kinda Funny recently and IGN for E3 and Kyle working with Geoff Keighley for the YouTube E3 Microsoft pre-show, what other EZA collaborations would you like to see?

    Personally I have a few. The first would be to hear Ben on the 8-4 Play podcast. Obviously 8-4 is run out of Japan so it is unlikely, but with Ben-kun's love of all things Japanese I think it would be a great collaboration.

    Secondly, I would love to see Damiani on a Nintendo Treehouse Stream. I just makes sense to me.

    So what dream collaborations do you have?

    As a side note, please do not use this thread to hate on other outlets. Remember that everyone has different tastesand we do not need to bring mudslinging into this forum.

    I think Ben and Brad both mentioned last night that they'd like to do something with 8-4.

  • @Minamik That would be great. I love 8-4. Sadly, I rarely catch their streams live, so I will hear about it later.

  • I think EZA + Tim Gettys and Greg Miller. Colin has nothing alike with EZA guys and their mood.

  • @Tsosie said in Dream EZA Collaborations:

    @Minamik That would be great. I love 8-4. Sadly, I rarely catch their streams live, so I will hear about it later.

    Conversely, Huber wanted to chat with Gerstmann, lol.

  • I'd pick people who seem pretty jolly themselves, like Gamexplain, the guys who did WAHP (like Shidoshi), The Completionist (they've had him on GT Live before), and maybe Happy Console Gamer.

    And just to see if sparks actually fly, Giant Bomb, lol. :p

  • I'd love for them to do something together with Cool Ghosts (Or just Matt Lees). I think it'd be a fun combo.

  • Tabletop Escapades with a guest spot. boogie2988 or totalbiscuit would be cool.

  • @crimilde said in Dream EZA Collaborations:

    I'd love for them to do something together with Cool Ghosts (Or just Matt Lees). I think it'd be a fun combo.

    I could see that either being amazing or all kinds of awkward :P

  • I'd love to see a collaboration or guest video with former podcast group Epic Battle Axe and Outlaw Gamers. Maybe someday :)

  • we need a podcast special where Bosman and Day9 sit on either end and try to out-host each other

  • I would love to see Ben as a guest caster for a Hearthstone tournament aside the likes of Trump or Eloise. I also think it would be really cool for Ian to write a sketch for Rooster Teeth Shorts featuring the acting talent and financial resources of Rooster Teeth but with that distinct Ian sense of weird humor that we've come to know and love. Seeing Ian do musical collaborations would also be really cool, especially PWR BTTM (which I know Ian is a fan of).

  • I would love if they could have some special episodes of EZA podcast (or Frame Trap) with guests every once in a while, that could be pretty much with anyone. Now that out of the way, I would love to see Huber collab with Total Biscuit. That would be amazing, just like that one Huber Hype with Yahtzee.

  • Something I'd absolutely love would be another large group D&D session with Chris Perkins, like the Tabletop Adventures special.

    Seeing Perkins lead Ben, Kyle, Ian, Brad, Huber and maybe a guest or two from the EZA crew through some short adventures would be great.

  • A Tabletop Escapades crossover with The Adventure Zone (The McElroy Brothers/Father)

    Griffin McElroy showing up as a guest, or an ally showing up on Monster Factory (I am thinking Ian)

    A KindaFunny Crossover and have Brandon, Ben, or Kyle pop over

    Huber on an episode of the /filmcast, a great movie review podcast

    Ian on Polygon's Cool Games Inc.

    Brandon Jones on WDW Radio (a fantastic Disney parks Podcast)

  • Kinda Funny and EZA are the best people in gaming. I would like to see them collaborate more into the future.

  • @Farsendor Seems like a Brandon is a huge fan, and then we can get the Sophie Portillo crossover everyone secretly not so secretly wants to see.

  • Imagine this! A new series, wherein Huber gets to interview all the greats of horror gaming. The creators of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame. Would he live through it?!

  • I'd love it if Jeff Cannata and Christian Spicer from the DLC podcast, among other things, would hook up with the Allies for some stuff. I was lobbying for them to guest on GT Live before the Calamity. Both are local to LA so geography isn't a problem.

  • Id love to see a colab with funhaus

    Possibly a vs match

    Where Elyse, Don and omar are present as funhaus members :P

  • If there was any way to get Elyse and Huber in a room to talk about Resi 7 demo and the new Sherlock Holmes id be super hype :D