Negativity and the motto of Love and Respect

  • I wanted to know your opinions about this, since I'm feeling a little conflicted about that.
    I watched a lot of gaming related channels in the past, but Easy Allies always had one thing that made me realize what's been bothering me with a lot of other people talking about games and made me ultimately abandon most of these channels. This thing is ingrained in their motto "Love and Respect", which also translates for me into a general sense of positivity.
    I know that it's not easy to always live love and respect especially if one talks about universally hated practices and shady stuff, but in general EasyAllies keep themselves in check when talking about games, by having a rather diverse cast of characters that love different genres. So when they're together they show love and respect most of the time.
    The two instances where I felt a bit taken aback were two streams, one by Kyle and one by Damiani. Here I felt the negativity that I've known from other people and didn't want to believe my ears.

    Kyle's stream was the end of the Hotel Transylvania playthrough when he was going through his list of games on the PS4. He made some snarky comments about most games, but to some he was outright mean. Like his comment for Toki Tori 2, where he said that you shouldn't listen to anyone that says the game has actually quite clever game design, because it doesn't have that. Toki Tori is definitely not a universally hated game, and even then it wouldn't be justified, but there are a lot of people who like that game and instead of just saying that he doesn't like the game, he puts down everybody who does (and please don't come saying that it was a bit™). There was more, but I'm not in the mood to watch that again right now.

    For Damiani it was the fifth part of the Hollow Knight Streams, where he was just way too negative for my taste. Saying that he'll die before letting anyone put this game on a list where it's higher than Super Metroid or SOTN. I especially don't get him complaining about the length when he's still playing it, long after he's beaten it. And complaining about the difficulty when it's about optional DLC Bosses who don't give you anything. It doesn't seem very L&R to me, saying that a friend of his put it best, when he said that they just wanted to be indie as f*ck and therefore had to make it hard and didn't know when to quit. I think Ben once said, that if Damiani is complaining, that means he likes the game... but this seems a bit too extreme for me.

    I don't watch Damiani's streams normally so maybe that's a common occurrence. With Kyle I was extremely surprised, since I watch a lot of him and he even shows love for "bad" games and when something's jarringly bad he mostly laughs about it, but is never mean.
    I just think the L&R should extend to everyone, that means also for the developers of the games we play. I'm also not always positive about everything. That would be very hard, I know that. But I try to at least never insult anyone or their opinion.

    What do you think about it? Am I nitpicking too much? I still love everything they do and try to watch as much of it as I can fit in my day, so it's not like this will stop me from loving them anytime soon.
    Love & Respect

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    First of all love this post. Second of all I would certainly categorize this as nitpicking, which is fine.

  • Love and respect is great, but more important to me is being honest and that is the main reason I like these guys. Most of the time the allies have really enthusiastic and positive air about them, but no one can be expected to be positive 100% of time.

    I haven't seen the examples you mentioned, but I've come across small bits of nastiness time or two, but that just shows they are not some pod people and in the end the it's the big picture that matters. Sometimes I think Huber -- who I L&R -- is even too L&R and gives his points away too easily to keep the L&R going.

  • I mean, and sorry to say this, but I do think Kyle was doing a bit just based on what you wrote. I'm sure he doesn't like Toki Tori, but I really doubt he truly meant that people who do like it are idiots, and he most likely had no intention of actually hurting anyone. Kyle does stuff like that all of the time, and I don't think it is contradictory to the L&R motto in the slightest.

    As for Damiani, he is just criticizing a game. Based on what you are saying, it doesn't sound like he is being intentionally antagonistic to anyone. If they aren't allowed to criticize a game for fear of offending the developers, then what is the point of any of this?

  • @outtay I remember the first time I was truly hurt by the Allies -- they were discussing Skyrim and they said something like "anyone who is still playing Skyrim isn't part of our audience". I, as a person who loves and still plays Skyrim, started tearing up a little because it was just so ... brutal. I got upset and vented to my husband (bless his heart) and then I felt better.

    All this to say --- we all have our buttons, and "L&R" acknowledges that fact. Negativity and snarkiness can live within L&R because it's a balanced deal. In that same stream, I think Kyle belly laughed and had this glowing goofy-ass smile because he was joyful about a licensed game. I'm sorry that you're feeling let down by Kyle and Damiani's comments, and perhaps (like with me) your disappointment is a direct correlation of how much you like these guys.

  • I think the Allies are mostly fine, but the negativity I see mostly comes from certain comments like when Damiani mentioned how you are a "better person if you don't buy SNK Heroines". Completely uncalled for and hard to tell if it was a "troll" that some make claim to due to his previous tweets/actions. Then you have a handful of toxic members who openly attack those who felt hurt by such a comment and act like they are on some sort of "moral high ground". Thankfully these situations are rare and most tend to just enjoy the games that the allies play.

  • I don't think love and respect means no negativity, rather approaching whichever situation realizing that we all like games and are human beings. In the negative, that would mean complaining while realizing that it not worthy raging over and without being nasty to the people that feel differently, even if the discussion is a little heated.

  • Thanks for the answers so far.
    I mostly agree with everything you say.
    I'm pretty sure what Kyle did was not a bit.... I loved his whole stream where he showed love to Hotel Transylvania, that is why I was surprised by this. It seemed really mean and I couldn't read the situation any other way, since he made rather genuine comments about every game he liked and snarky "mean" comments about the games he didn't like. I also think that this has gotten way too far into "excuse"-territory. In theory he could label everything as a bit retroactively and then everything would always be okay? But like I said... it won't stop me, as their general attitude is full of L&R. It just surprised me.
    As for saying that Damiani is just criticizing the game. I don't have anything against people wanting to criticize a game or any sort of "product", but there are certain ways in which you should critique a thing. There's a difference between saying that something's sh* t because of this and this, and saying that you don't like it, because of this or this, or that you think that it makes it bad for you.
    I don't mean to say, I want them to be positive all the time and any and all negativity has no place here. My key point is probably the "Respect"-part. And there I always imagine saying something in front of a person who would be very involved in that argument. You wouldn't say to the developer of Hollow Knight, that your friend put it best, when he said that they wanted to be Indie as f* ck and therefore made it hard as f* ck and didn't know when to stop. This isn't a critique. It's just you complaining about a thing in which the developer probably put a lot of thought into over the couple of years he was making it (they also talked in their Kickstarter updates about the difficulty). I also imagine Damiani being in front of me and I'd never say that he was a complete d*ck, not in fear of offending him, but because I respect him. He was a bit too disrespectful for my taste and I don't think he should've said it like that.
    I also have to say that I'm positively surprised about the responses. The few couple of times I posted anything on the internet I told myself not to engage in anything and elaborate my points, since you get misinterpreted, called names, and "aggressively" misunderstood all the time and it leads nowhere.
    Thanks for not being like that :D

  • @La_Liz Yeah... it pretty much feels like that. I'm glad you didn't just leave after this comment ^^
    I really really like these guys. Everywhere I go and where I try to consume media it's just about complaining and getting angry at someone, even though they mostly have to clue about the inner workings, but they don't even want to consider that people generally speaking aren't evil. And with the Allies it's just respect everywhere you go (for the most part). They'd have to dramatically change for me not continuing to support and love them.

  • @sacred-arfaid I might have phrased it not as well as I would have liked. I completely agree with what you're saying. However, for me it was nasty which is why I felt the need to post this. Appreciate the response.

  • @la_liz I really like your reply. It truly is about “balance”. Having balance is key to everything really.