What forgotten/unknown games do you recommend?

  • I've recently been delving back into the PSP playing some of the games that I loved, and many that I missed, and If you have a PSP I highly recommend the following:

    • Everybody's Tennis

    • Everybody's Stressbuster

    • Outrun Coast 2 Coast

    • World Snooker 2005

  • Everybody always talks about SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, but the real unknown title that is far superior is SpongeBob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman


    Youtube Video

    Music, levels, humour, acting (actual cast), EVERYTHING is great in this game. Some levels are sparse and music gets recycled but this is basically the Simpsons Hit and Run of SpongeBob. So much ganeplay variety too. Most licensed platformers wished they were this fun and well contextualized.

    Look at that roll jump - Mario Odyssey origins.

  • My dad stole this from Blockbuster before they revoked his membership. It's pretty much a slower Wipeout/Mario Kart with bikes. Then they have a Twisted Metal type arena mode. The aesthetic is awesome and the music is kinda decent. I think it is relatively unknown because I've asked so many people about this game and nobody has heard of it.

    I searched for XG-2 on YouTube and this guy is the first video that came up:


    Youtube Video

  • @dipset Here in England, the sequel(XG3), I think it's one of those games everyone had but can't remember how, lol. I definitely had it on PS2, as did lots of my mates.

    Also, XG3 had a soundtrack by the dance music label: Ministry of Sound, which fit perfectly with the futuristic neon world.

  • Banned

    Extreme G was the shiiiiiit.

    Mine goes to Guardian Heroes, a spiritual successor to Gunstar Heroes. Best 3-planed non-linear fighting game RPG beatemup on the Sega Saturn in my opinion.

  • Free Running is a parkour game released on multiple platform (i played it on the PSP). I LOVED this game as a kid, played the PSP version countless times. I beat the game 3 times back then, which is unheard of considering i used to hate replaying games. It's my favorite parkour game, not that there's many of em'. Mirror's Edge counts, i guess.

    Youtube Video

  • I've never really gone back to it but Haunting Starring Poulterguy on genesis/megadrive was a game I thought deserved more love.

  • @darthammii

    It’s crazy that you and Shim know about it because there are tons of gamers at work and nobody heard of Extreme G. I wanna play the PS2 game now.

  • There's just so many now unfortunately. I'll add a few:

    Atari: Future Wars
    Master System: Sonic Chaos
    Mega Drive: Chiki Chiki Boys
    SNES: Terranigma (a lot of people missed it)
    Saturn: Shining Force III
    PS1: Tail Concerto
    Dreamcast: Napple Tale (love the music!)
    PS2: Glass Rose
    DS: Ghost Trick
    PSP: Brave Story New Traveller

  • If everyone bought and played Magical Drop III on PSN or eshop this world would be a better place.

  • @hanabi Looks a bit like Puzzle Fighter

  • @sheria dont even get me started with ghost trick. i played it for the first time 4 years ago and its easily one of my all time favorite games

  • @bigdude1 Ghost Trick is a masterpiece, easily the second best DS game right below The World Ends With You.