Do you think The Getaway deserves a remaster?

  • Ignoring my personal feelings towards any remaster, it was when scanning my collection that I spotted a game that Sony invested quite a bit in, and one that I personally really liked as well. It's hard to imagine they would bother going full out on this one, but does anyone else think this was a game worthy of bringing back? I personally loved the original while thought the second was only ok.

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    I remember watching a trailer for the game back when GT was still fairly new. It was a scene with somebody running away from some other people. The soundtrack and presentation was almost dreamlike.
    Looked neat.

  • It was a big deal for Sony at the time. They actually went all out with recreating quite a large section of London. The game definitely had a few niggles and the health regeneration mechanic left quite a bit to be desired, but I absolutely loved the story. They nailed some of the London accents in the original and I adored the mission variety,

    I'm not sure if GT was around for the original Getaway, but there was a lot of comments made on the cancelation of Getaway 3.

  • Don't know what this game is, so i just watched some gameplay videos. It looks really cool, the presentation and voice acting in particular pretty good for an cinematic PS2 game. Has Max Payne vibes too, but less gloomy. I would definitely check it out if it ever gets a remaster.

  • Sure why not, bundle the 2 PS2 games and the PSP game (I think there was a PSP game) Fix some issues here and there and slap a $40 price tag on it. Its always been one of those games I'd like to give a real shot at, seeing as the only chance I had to play it back in the day was at a friends house who got bored after about 5 minutes into the tutorial

  • I loved The Getaway.

  • The Getaway is one of my favourite games ever. Plus the London map was near one to one, my dad loved driving round it and knowing the way to places we've been to hundreds of times. I was very upset when The Getaway 3 got cancelled and turned into PlayStation Home.

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    Wait Getaway 3 became PlayStation Home?