Ooblets (PC/XBO)

  • Hey, I just noticed that there was no topic for Ooblets, which I will not stand for!

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    Youtube Video

    As of right now there is no release date, so it can be assumed that it won't come out in 2018. Still, I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

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    Needs Ploplet DLC.

  • Not going to lie, the first time I saw this game I thought it was a throwaway indie cashgrab banking entirely on the style. Last time I saw it the game seemed to have much more mechanically going on to it, but this is definitely one of those games I'm going to wait on reviews with.

  • Now I've done a pretty shitty job updating this thread (mostly because I didn't think anyone cared), but I would say this is big enough to warrant a post.


    Basically, Ooblets is now an Epic exclusive. The post on the website does a good job of explaining why the offer is enticing, though I think the snarkiness throughout was perhaps a bad move. Probably a bad idea to be demeaning towards the very people this move would anger, but idk I don't really care personally.

  • @capnbobamous This is the most damage control riddled blogpost I've ever read in my entire life, and like you said it definitely doesn't read well to the people directly negatively affected by this decision. Some of this is straight up speaking down to those consumers, while other parts are making excuses on Epic's behalf. The idea of this game has been floating around since 2016, and in that time they've prioritized releasing official Ooblets merch over finishing their game, which I dare say will be entering vaporware territory if this development stretch goes on much longer. Personally, my interest in this game was already hanging on by a thread due to how long the hype has been stretched out, but with this final straw of news Ooblets is officially dead to me.

    I'm sure they struck this deal because development has stretched on longer than they anticipated and their available funds were drying away, heck they practically state that in the post saying this allows them to not be forced to release a product they're unhappy with, but I'm sorry that's completely on you the developer. I don't need your snark at the consumer (there's a point where they actually say entitled) for your own project mismanagement, and speaking of entitlement, we don't owe you a game purchase no matter what platforms you're forced to release on for taking the honeypot cash lump. One of the silliest lines in the whole write up is that they were afraid they wouldn't sell enough copies to profit from the project, when I've heard so much hype for Ooblets over the years due to how unique it is. So instead Epic is guaranteeing them a minimum amount of sales, which I imagine if it doesn't sell that much naturally will result in Epic giving the game away free as yet another incentive for overlooking their practices and the state of their store to buy consumer's loyalty with them.

    Ooblets originally looked cool and all, but I'm good. You were always a small fish in a big indie pond, but now your attitude towards your fans reeks of piss and nobody prefers wading in those heated waters when there's more sanitary swimmers happy to steal the attention you've just bungled with their own lovely games.

  • Had the games on my Steam wishlist for years. Normally I would be a lot more displeased but with Double Fine out of publisher business, I was concerned about the game and I think it probably was the easiest solution for them. Doesn’t excuse the long development time, changes in core gameplay (I think they changed fighting with dancing) and made up excuses in defense of the epic store. So I am not sure if I going to buy it. Also, if your game is all about good vibes, you should not make it an exclusive on the epic store (and probably any store).

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    I feel like every time a developer complains about immature/angry/entitled/toxic gamers they may as well say "don't buy my game, because I don't respect you as a customer." Trust me I've worked retail before, I know how fun it is to talk shit about the annoying people you have to deal with when you're in customer service, but there's a reason you get reprimanded or fired if you do it to their faces. I'm sure these guys don't care because they already got their EGS money and they're set now, but I sure hope they're aware the PR hit from an attitude like that will follow them in the future and if they plan to release another game later on it probably won't end well.

  • Personally as someone that doesn't play on PC this game was already exclusive to me since it's Xbox only. I think this game looks really cute and fun and when it hits PS4/Switch I'll consider getting it. I think their attempt to be funny with their reasoning for going Epic only on PC is clearly backfiring here on this forum. Seems like they wanted to address the backlash directly but probably made it worse then just staying quiet about it.

    I don't really hold it against any dev for going exclusive to secure funding for their game, even more so for indie devs. Making games is no easy task and I can only imagine the struggle financially to keep yourself afloat for years on end. They tried to spin this situation by being cheeky and it doesn't seem to be landing with most. I say a lesson learned for the industry as a whole and we can all move on.

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    Getting mad because you cant/don't want to buy something you don't need is stupid.
    The dev certainly could have handled this with a little more tact, but I agree with them. All this fake outrage and crying over people's perceived entitlement to a luxury item like a fucking videogame is hilarious.

  • I reached out to Perplamps, on of the devs, on Twitter just to try and get an idea as to why he took the approach that he did, and his response was that no matter what there was going to be a hate mob. Rather than try to avoid it, he took a head-on approach by attempting to show why the mob-mentality people have toward EGS is ridiculous. I dont know that it was necessarily the right move, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

  • Hey folks, it releases in Early Access on July 15th

    I haven't been updating this thread because frankly I don't think anyone cares, but I figured this was big enough.

  • And just like that, after three years of waiting, Ooblets is finally available to play on EGS and Xbox. This means I won't get any points for it in my fantasy league, but I'm just happy to be able to play it at all.

  • I'm getting strong Noby Noby Boy vibes from this and that's a good thing.

    Does Double Fine have Production Managers or Line Producers? It seems like they are amazing at going over budget and having nothing to show for it.


    Read their EGS post. They clearly never went over-budget or over schedule because they only had one person working on it.

    Still though Double Fine does kinda have a way of taking a long damn time.