EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2018: Week 6 (10/9/18)

  • @silentconsonant He was limited but expected to play all week. I checked last night and the latest news from Schefter was that he was "expected to play"

    Then apparently late Sun morning he reversed and annouced he was going to be out, and I didn't check in time.

    Burned by the Schef

  • Man oh man, gonna be 0-3 in fantasy and my beloved Cardinals might just been the worst team in football right now.

    Gonna be a rough season :P

  • Hi, I'm Wout and I benched Jordy Nelson

  • I can't believe how badly Captain Kirk did against the Bills this week. I should have known it was going to be a trap game.

  • Weekly Update

    Week 3 Results

    • Jimmy Gesus (115.2) beat Team Waifu Warriors (76.8)
    • Involuntary Elliott's (81.1) beat Willow Canyon Werehogs (67.3)
    • Strawberry On The Shortcake!! (111.7) beat Gilderoy Lockharts (88.8)
    • Flaming Hashcats (83.9) beat Rufus Rhinos (82.4)
    • Marietta Turkey Ninjas (107.3) beat The Squirtle Squad (75.1)
    • Midtown Menace (107.3) beat Preorder Bonuses (85.6)


    1. Marietta Turkey Ninjas (3-0)
    2. Jimmy Gesus (3-0)
    3. The Squirtle Squad (2-1)
    4. Team Waifu Warriors (2-1)
    5. Flaming Hashcats (2-1)
    6. Involuntary Elliott's (2-1)
    7. Midtown Menace (1-2)
    8. Rufus Rhinos (1-2)
    9. Willow Canyon Werehogs (1-2)
    10. Strawberry On The Shortcake (1-2)
    11. Gilderoy Lockharts (0-3)
    12. Preorder Bonuses (0-3)

    Week 4 Matchups:

    • Do You Believe in Fitzmagic? (formerly Jimmy Gesus) v Strawberry On The Shortcake
    • Involunary Elliott's v Team Waifu Warriors
    • Willow Canyon Werehogs v Gilderoy Lockharts
    • Marietta Turkey Ninjas v Flaming Hashcats
    • Rufus Rhinos v Midtown Menace
    • The Squirtle Squad v Preorder Bonusues

    Good luck everone!

  • Woohoo I'm the 12th man, GO HAWKS

  • Word is that Leonard Fournette is gonna play today. I don't believe them.

  • Damn it. lol

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    @tokyoslim I played Kenny Golladay over Golden Tate, I really should just do the OPPOSITE of whatever Matt Berry says... I trusted Golladay to keep it going but Tate was getting so much Hate I should have just played him out of spite

  • @silentconsonant I've moved on past the "do the opposite of what Matt Berry says" like 8 years ago. I'm now working on "don't trust anyone. just randomly start people and hope for the best"

  • We no longer believe in fitzmagic

  • @peter It's all about the Mayfield magic this season.

  • @Peter He went full magic AND tragic all within a month. I think that's a new record for Fitz.

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    How come everyone suddenly wants my Running Backs?? Get out of here with these trades.

  • @Peter Whew, what a close game between us! Since both our teams scored in the mid 80s last week, I wasn't expecting such a shoot out and once Brandin Cooks got taken out for concussion protocol, I was cursing my luck.

  • Winless team Preorder Bonuses currently beating undefeated Marietta Turkey Ninjas.
    Gotta keep Jordan Reed under 10 points, but the Russian is cut!

    alt text

  • Slowly creeping up the rankings - really hoping this trade for David Johnson & A.J. Green is gonna work out! :P

  • Weekly (not really) Update:

    Week 5 Results:

    • Willow Canyon Werehogs (116.7) beat The Fitzmagic is Dead (109.2)
    • Team Waifu Warriors (135.9) beat Strawberry On The Shortcake!! (73.1)
    • Gilderoy Lockharts (98) beat Involuntary Elliott's (81.1)
    • Flaming Hashcats (104.6) lost to Midtown Menace (112.9)
    • Preorder Bonuses (94.1) beat Marietta Turkey Ninjas (86.2)
    • The Squirtle Squad (78.2) lost to Rufus Rhinos (98.1)


    1. Marietta Turkey Ninjas (4-1)
    2. Team Waifu Warriors (4-1)
    3. The Fitzmagic is Dead (3-2)
    4. Rufus Rhinos (3-2)
    5. The Squirtle Squad (3-2)
    6. Midtown Menace (2-3)
    7. Gilderoy Lockharts (2-3)
    8. Flaming Hashcats (2-3)
    9. Involuntary Elliott's (2-3)
    10. Willow Canyon Werehogs (2-3)
    11. Strawberry On The Shortcake!! (2-3)
    12. Preorder Bonuses (1-4)

    Week 6 Matchups:

    • Rufus Rhinos v The Fitzmagic is Dead
    • Flaming Hashcats v Team Waifu Warriors
    • Preorder Bonuses v Gilderoy Lockharts
    • The Squirtle Squad v Willow Canyon Werehogs
    • Marietta Turkey Ninjas v Involuntary Elliott's
    • Midtown Menace v Strawberry On The Shortcake!!

    Good luck everyone!

  • @peter said in EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2018: Week 6 (10/9/18):

    Good luck everyone!

    I don't need luck. I need players. :p

  • I'm not a big Patriots fan, but last night's game was awesome.