EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2018: Week 6 (10/9/18)

  • Hi, I'm Wout and I benched Jordy Nelson

  • I can't believe how badly Captain Kirk did against the Bills this week. I should have known it was going to be a trap game.

  • Weekly Update

    Week 3 Results

    • Jimmy Gesus (115.2) beat Team Waifu Warriors (76.8)
    • Involuntary Elliott's (81.1) beat Willow Canyon Werehogs (67.3)
    • Strawberry On The Shortcake!! (111.7) beat Gilderoy Lockharts (88.8)
    • Flaming Hashcats (83.9) beat Rufus Rhinos (82.4)
    • Marietta Turkey Ninjas (107.3) beat The Squirtle Squad (75.1)
    • Midtown Menace (107.3) beat Preorder Bonuses (85.6)


    1. Marietta Turkey Ninjas (3-0)
    2. Jimmy Gesus (3-0)
    3. The Squirtle Squad (2-1)
    4. Team Waifu Warriors (2-1)
    5. Flaming Hashcats (2-1)
    6. Involuntary Elliott's (2-1)
    7. Midtown Menace (1-2)
    8. Rufus Rhinos (1-2)
    9. Willow Canyon Werehogs (1-2)
    10. Strawberry On The Shortcake (1-2)
    11. Gilderoy Lockharts (0-3)
    12. Preorder Bonuses (0-3)

    Week 4 Matchups:

    • Do You Believe in Fitzmagic? (formerly Jimmy Gesus) v Strawberry On The Shortcake
    • Involunary Elliott's v Team Waifu Warriors
    • Willow Canyon Werehogs v Gilderoy Lockharts
    • Marietta Turkey Ninjas v Flaming Hashcats
    • Rufus Rhinos v Midtown Menace
    • The Squirtle Squad v Preorder Bonusues

    Good luck everone!

  • Woohoo I'm the 12th man, GO HAWKS

  • Word is that Leonard Fournette is gonna play today. I don't believe them.

  • Damn it. lol

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    @tokyoslim I played Kenny Golladay over Golden Tate, I really should just do the OPPOSITE of whatever Matt Berry says... I trusted Golladay to keep it going but Tate was getting so much Hate I should have just played him out of spite

  • @silentconsonant I've moved on past the "do the opposite of what Matt Berry says" like 8 years ago. I'm now working on "don't trust anyone. just randomly start people and hope for the best"

  • We no longer believe in fitzmagic

  • @peter It's all about the Mayfield magic this season.

  • @Peter He went full magic AND tragic all within a month. I think that's a new record for Fitz.

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    How come everyone suddenly wants my Running Backs?? Get out of here with these trades.

  • @Peter Whew, what a close game between us! Since both our teams scored in the mid 80s last week, I wasn't expecting such a shoot out and once Brandin Cooks got taken out for concussion protocol, I was cursing my luck.

  • Winless team Preorder Bonuses currently beating undefeated Marietta Turkey Ninjas.
    Gotta keep Jordan Reed under 10 points, but the Russian is cut!

    alt text

  • Slowly creeping up the rankings - really hoping this trade for David Johnson & A.J. Green is gonna work out! :P

  • Weekly (not really) Update:

    Week 5 Results:

    • Willow Canyon Werehogs (116.7) beat The Fitzmagic is Dead (109.2)
    • Team Waifu Warriors (135.9) beat Strawberry On The Shortcake!! (73.1)
    • Gilderoy Lockharts (98) beat Involuntary Elliott's (81.1)
    • Flaming Hashcats (104.6) lost to Midtown Menace (112.9)
    • Preorder Bonuses (94.1) beat Marietta Turkey Ninjas (86.2)
    • The Squirtle Squad (78.2) lost to Rufus Rhinos (98.1)


    1. Marietta Turkey Ninjas (4-1)
    2. Team Waifu Warriors (4-1)
    3. The Fitzmagic is Dead (3-2)
    4. Rufus Rhinos (3-2)
    5. The Squirtle Squad (3-2)
    6. Midtown Menace (2-3)
    7. Gilderoy Lockharts (2-3)
    8. Flaming Hashcats (2-3)
    9. Involuntary Elliott's (2-3)
    10. Willow Canyon Werehogs (2-3)
    11. Strawberry On The Shortcake!! (2-3)
    12. Preorder Bonuses (1-4)

    Week 6 Matchups:

    • Rufus Rhinos v The Fitzmagic is Dead
    • Flaming Hashcats v Team Waifu Warriors
    • Preorder Bonuses v Gilderoy Lockharts
    • The Squirtle Squad v Willow Canyon Werehogs
    • Marietta Turkey Ninjas v Involuntary Elliott's
    • Midtown Menace v Strawberry On The Shortcake!!

    Good luck everyone!

  • @peter said in EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2018: Week 6 (10/9/18):

    Good luck everyone!

    I don't need luck. I need players. :p

  • I'm not a big Patriots fan, but last night's game was awesome.

  • Of the 61.4 points I scored, 33.8 of them came from two players. The other 7 players on my roster averaged 3.9 points a piece.

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    You can’t predict A-A-Ron Rod-Gers ESPN Fantasy App!!!!!!!! Tell me I’m gonna lose... that’s next week! Not this week...