EZA Fantasy Football (NFL) 2018: Week 6 (10/9/18)

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    Sunday 7pm EST/4 pm PST works for me.

  • I'm also good with that

  • @peter works for me :)

  • I can most likely make that work as well
    If not, I will let the gods pick for me

  • Sunday works for me as well!

  • Side note, are we doing standard or 1/2 pt PPR this season?

  • That time is good with me.

  • yea that's fine with me, could we get the draft order Saturday?

  • I'm real late to the party here, but if there is still a spot open I'd love to play again this year! Would be good to draft on Saturday or Sunday

  • Looks like most people are on board for Sunday and I am too but... any way we could make it just one hour later? I'll be getting off of work/driving home at the suggested time.

  • Hello everyone! The League is set up and I am going to send out a mass message with an invite link to everyone who has signed up so far! As of right now the draft is set for 7:00pm EST on Sunday September 2nd. I would not be opposed to moving it back to 8:15pm (that is the closest to 8 espn will allow for) if that works better for everyone since SabotageTheTruth has asked, but for the time being I have it set to what we already agreed on. Just let me know if moving the draft back about an hour and fifteen minutes is ok with everyone!

    @ablank2 you are not too late! The only issue is you would be an odd numbered player. We need an even number. I hate to be the cut off guy but right now I'm keeping you on the bench. If someone else would also like to sign up before Sunday's draft you're in!

    On that note if anyone out there is interested in playing we have exactly 1 more spot open! It's not too late!

  • Also the draft order will be randomized 1 hour before the draft starts! If you want to do a mock draft before our actual draft I would recommend doing a few from different positions!

    For those new to fantasy football the draft is a snake draft. It starts off 1-10, but then then next round goes 10-1, and then back to 1-10, and then 10-1, etc etc etc. It "snakes" around from beginning to end. I think most of the people playing this year have played in past years so you probably know already.

    also I think someone asked if this was a PPR league and I totally didn't answer. This is a standard scoring league. I adjusted a few things on defense to make it score more like a yahoo/nfl.com league, but otherwise it's pretty vanilla. For those curious ESPN by default has defenses lose points for giving up yards. I took that away because that's dumb. If a defense gives up yards but prevents the offense from scoring they shouldn't be penalized for that. As far as I'm aware ESPN is the only league which does that by default.

    If there are any more questions feel free to ask!

  • Due to losing 2 years in a row, the Transylvania Werehogs have been relocated to one of the smallest towns in America - Willow Canyon, Arizona, population 1. We're hoping that with a strong season here, we can put Willow Canyon on the map and potentially triple its population.

  • I’d prefer we do it at 7pm at the latest as I live in England, so that’s 12 midnight for me, but I’ll do whatever has to be done :)

  • Ladies and/or Gentlemen, this year you will taste defeat, you will know fear, you will be forced to buy multiple copies from different vendors to get a complete game... for you face:

    0_1535763415157_Preorder Bonuses.JPG

  • I'm going to try my best to leave work early tomorrow, I really don't trust auto-draft...or maybe I should trust it? Either way, we haven't really gotten much response for moving it back so it's fine that it stays the same, I'll figure something out.

  • Looking forward to tonight folks!! 😊

  • @TokyoSlim

    Hi everyone! The draft is today! We still need one person to enter the league! One of you has not accepted the invite yet and if you do not accept it in time we will not be able to do the draft! Please get around to that soon!

    If in an hour or so I still see that the spot is open I am going to send an invite to @ablank2 if he is still interested (I hope you see this!). At that point its first come first serve.

    I suppose worst case scenario is no one ends up taking that last spot and we have to reschedule the draft. Hopefully it doesn't come to that!

  • I am now sending an invite to @ablank2

    I do not know which one of you didn’t sign up. While it sucks unfortunately I have to tag someone else or else ESPN will not host the draft. Hopefully one of you two accept the invite soon! Spot goes to whoever accepts the invite first! Check your messages!

  • @Peter Any more update on spot #12?