EZA Dreams PS4 Colab - Project Discussion

  • Hey guys,

    I have a habit of writing novels for topics, so I've cut as much as I can to get to the point.

    First, know that I have no plans to drop inspiration or enthusiasm for this project. I've been jotting down ideas cleanly in an app on my phone as I listen to EZA podcasts while at work or what have you, and think I have a pretty good idea of how I intend to use the data, but not so much on exactly what.

    Q: What is this project?

    Anything EZA related when Dreams on PS4 is released!

    I think it would be fun to have pixel-versions of the EZA crew, or fun 3D versions of the staff in a thrown-together RPG, adventure, action, or.. anything kinda game! The possibilities are endless, but I would like for everyone who wants to help involved to come to a consensus on where this project goes.

    Q; What is this data you refer to?

    Soundclips! I've written down multiple moments someone says something memorable when there isn't overtalking or noise, and which video title it happened in and what the timestamp is for it. Trust me, plenty of maniacle Kyle laughter moments have been noted. He'd almost be TOO easy to make into the villain for whatever game we muster up in Dreams.

    Alternatively, I could yoink the soundclips and make a database on a free-to-use hosting site for anyone to use in their own projects.

    Did anyone else already have a similar idea, or are you looking for a small team to work on and share ideas when the game finally releases? Suggestions? Let me know! I want to get involved, just.. waiting for that beta!

    Copy/Paste Quote Dump Examples - To Follow Up With More(If enough people are interested)

    (Note: I usually can't tell at all if its Huber or Brad talking when they're out of frame, LOL. I have been accused of the same thing with my friend since 3rd grade, we sound exactly alike and have a lot of favorites similar to Huber and Brad with Shenmue and all, so.. if I get something wrong, I can edit it)

    If you would like to add your own favorite or memorable quotes, I will add them below and give you creds!

    May 2018 - East Allies Q & A
    1:52:00 - Ian: "Print it... An easy Allies production"

    Easy Allies E3 2018 podcast
    Kyle 1:10 "what a soggy little weeny"

    E3 2018 Awards
    2:44:45 Brad: "Action Pose"
    Notes: Possibly use when Brad does a taunt or pose

    Frame Trap Ep. 58:
    Bloodworth: 1 hr 3 min - makes funny noises

    Origin Stories June 2018 Q&A 1:00:00 to 1:15:00

    Frame Trap 59:

    Brad Ellis: Spirit Gun!!!! boooooya!!

    Easy Allies Podcast #120
    Brandon 7:00 : "I am HERE for pronunciation rants!"

    Earlier podcast: Huber: Give me a sit rep (annoying phrase from him) may have been frame Trap

    E3 2018 Impressions Part 3
    16:00 Ben:. "Pull my devil trigger!!"

    Easy Allies Podcast #121 50:00 to 55:00
    Brandon: I've told you about 20 times..no one ever listens to me
    Kyle: Speaking of how long we are..
    1:44:00 Kyle: I went to deviantArt... Then I filtered adult searches
    1:46:00 Brandon exposes Kyle's evil plan!
    Brandon's face at the end of the video is perfect for a signpost like Sonic

    Easy Allies Frame Trap Episode 60
    1:31:00 - Ben - "The Dazzling Raptor" MegaMan x fake Maverick name, edit for him to say 'hello my name is Ben the Dazzling raptor'
    2:38:00 Ben: next time...

    Easy Allies Plays MegaMan X Legacy Collection
    Before 45:00, someone makes charging buster sound, good for sound effects
    1:30:00 Huber? So you are the famous Maverick...... Hunter

    friend code 2018 San Diego comic con
    44:30 Ian: "Just Huber me.."

    Huber Syndrome - Brad Interview
    No timestamps, near end Huber calls for Kyle to come over, and bear beginning has issues saying 'Regularly'

    Frame Trap Episode 61
    Bloodworth says balls a LOT
    Ben rambles at 45:00 about nothing - Notes: Use for exposition for a plot
    47:00 "blood- " Sometimes finding the puzzle us a part of the puzzle"
    1hr57mins: Blood "You are no longer trying to outrun the darkness and dredge, there is no where left to run" ... "Try to hold it together" ... "Why did all this happen" ... "You are constantly at the end of your rope." ... "THERE IS no guarantee"

    Brandon Jones: Fistful of Quarters "It's still relevant man!"
    Notes: Would be funny to make a pixelated poster of the movie with this quote from Brandon plastered over top

    2hr59: Ben "I would kill for that"

    Easy Allies Nintendo Direct Podcast 8.8.2018
    Brandon : 24:00 euphoric 'yes oh yes'

    Kyle.51:00 "I'm exhausted from that"

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