Injustice 2 story for kids

  • Hey everyone! This board is always so helpful with stupid questions that I'm back for another.

    I haven't played Injustice 2 in a long time. I want to show my kids the cutscenes so they can see how cool the story is too but I can't recall if there are any parts that are inappropriate (sex or language). Can you help guide me on this? My kids are 5 & 8.


  • On the back of the box there are warnings for cursing and violence, it seems. Violence is of course obvious, but I don't really remember any swearing. But it has to be there according to that, right? Maybe it was so well written and planted in the dialogue that it felt so natural, I don't know. At least there's really not much of it. The characters don't continuously shout shit or fuck etc. More like dammit and hell, that department.

    As for sex, the revealing costumes are the highest that it gets with some of the women. Maybe an innuendo or two from Harley Quinn / Catwoman / Poison Ivy, around those three. But no, there's really no sex in this one.

  • The bit with Harley Quinn might be a bit much, and Wonder Women also stabs her midway thru the game, but overall I'd say it's ok for them.

    Granted I was watching stuff like The Predator

  • Banned

    I was listening to Wu-Tang Clan when I was 5 so my opinion may be skewed, but if you don't mind a little violence I think it will be fine for them. Certainly better than showing them any of the DCEU movies, save maybe for Wonder Woman.

  • Can never be too safe with parenting young kids. Even though I was watching South Park and Scarface by the time I was like 8ish, I think I turned out okay. With that said, the older I get I realize that maybe my friends and I were a little too ahead of ourselves. I see kids my brothers age at 15 and they feel so young and immature whereas some friends of mine had addiction problems by then. Puts things into perspective I suppose.

    It's not a dumb question because you care about your kids! Buuuuut... I haven't played the game :S

  • Fantastic. Thank you everyone for your feedback. After watching the Harley scene I may hold off for a little while.

  • @travelingsnowman
    Which scene btw, the scene with the mental projection of Joker or the scene halfway thru?

  • @dmcmaster No the scene where Harley gets stabbed.