A Witcher 3 review that I agree with

  • @Haru17 Nope. You complained about something you've seen many times, yet the origin of the Witcher story precedes all of your examples, except The Little Mermaid (Disney version), which I think you're actually being sarcastic about that.

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    @Haru17 Nope. You complained about something you've seen many times, yet the origin of the Witcher story precedes all of your examples, except The Little Mermaid (Disney version), which I think you're actually being sarcastic about that.

    k. I listed all of those things not to provide an exhaustive list of all instances of the authoritative father / fresh-eyed daughter trope, but rather to give just a few. Point is that, unless you're trying something new, try something new.

  • @Haru17 Are you telling that to George R.R. Martin and Naughty Dog?

    Seriously, you're not making a strong point against the Witcher 3 if you're just complaining about how "the rebellious daughter in father relationship has been done before". Not only are you wrong since the Witcher stories came before your examples, but rebellious children against the parent is a literary theme in many works of art. It's like complaining about how "the hero rises to the occasion" or "the child living up to the parents' name". You should be hating every single game if you hate stories that "have been done before".

    Unless the games you like existed before Shakespeare, you can't complain that games you hate aren't trying something new.

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    @Whoaness You are correct, and you made me realize I take more issue with how its presented in the context of the world. It's not explained enough in the beginning, as with the rest of the signs.

    Sanderson's Laws of Magic are a set of three laws that I believe are very relevant in storytelling. The one that applies the most here is;

    "An author's ability to solve conflict with magic is directly proportional to how well the reader understands said magic."

    It all depends on how much each "reader" thinks about the magic system. Some people let their imaginations run wild, and even subconsciously assume what it can do. Other's don't read that much into it.

    I guess I'll just assume no one disagrees with me here.

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    @Haru17 Original =//= Good
    The thing about The Witcher is that, even though it uses these tropes, it does tjem so well, and the characters, story, snd world the tropes are presented in are so good, that it doesn't matter.

  • "The Witcher 3 is so good."

    I'd love to see one of you advocates explicitly articulate what it is exactly that makes the Witcher 3 at all remarkable to you. Is it how everyone is over 30 and grumpy? Was that what people meant by "mature?" How about how about every singular NPC tries to guilt trip you over some arbitrary bullshit?

    When I talk about "originality" I don't mean that there can't be humans, I don't mean that there can't be gravity and entropy, I don't mean that there can't be kill offs and love interests and all of these constants. I'm talking about surprise. The Witcher 3 didn't surprise me at all. There's no gut-punch moment: they don't establish the cast enough for that to work so, when they try, it all just feels cheap. Moreover, the fantasy setting is about as derivative as they come. I mean, playing Witcher 3 I'm longing for Dragon Age's generic "not Middle Earth," because at least it worked the religion angle. At least that was kind of different from my expectations.

    And really! Lynch mobs that want to kill all mages, idiots who wear skull masks too obvious for even Lord of the Rings: what part of this is "morally grey." What of that am I supposed to take to incorporate into myself as a human being. Thousands of idiots going to a city to talk about which people they're going to oppress is just real life. Boring!

    When I play the Witcher 3 it feels like a tedious walk through depressing environments and depressing combat where the difficulty is set to 11 for no apparent reason, all in the interest of making it to the next waypoint where a character I don't know (despite playing the Witcher 2) will deliver exposition or pantomime suffering at the hands some offscreen trouble before sending me off to the next waypoint and starting it all over again. There.

  • @Haru17 Sounds like you just don't like the world or the characters of The Witcher series. Not really surprising that you don't like the game. There's no need to defend it when the people that enjoy the game obviously have vastly different tastes than what you're looking for.

  • @Light I'm not kidding: I actually want someone to explain (specifically) why they like that game's story. I'm being so hostile about it because it honestly incenses me how everyone else can love a thing that I honestly can't comprehend being so loved.My current rationalization is something about graphics and ambition coupled with actually showing up in the story department, as opposed to not trying at all like most games.

    When I see Xenoblade review in the 9s, see all the positive feedback, play it, and totally don't get it, I want to ask people "why." I want to understand.

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    @Haru17 Maybe you just don't like video games anymore.

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  • @Haru17
    You not liking Witcher, Xenoblade and No man's sky seem really weird to me, since I love the latter two ones and I respect the Witcher, despite not caring for its story and other things. Any other games that you don't like and are otherwise popular? What games do you love? I'm genuinely curious.

  • I'm not a fan of the type of character Geralt is and his voice gets on my nerves. I like the game, but in a game that relies extremely heavily on Geralt as the main character it's just something I can't do. Some people just don't get along, and I don't get along with Geralt so it makes it hard for me to play as him.

    If someone knows of a mod that can change only Geralt's voice to a language where it's not Geralt or I can pretend it's an over the top parody then please let me in on it because I really want to finish it. I'm thinking a really heavy German voice :p

    I find it weird that people just have to come out with a negative contrarian opinion occasionally for what seems like no reason. I don't understand what the end goal is of this thread - you're not going to suddenly convince people that something's not that great so the best you can do is present the reasons why you don't like such thing, but then it's done in an antagonistic nature so it basically becomes an advertisement for yourself. More of a "Hey I don't like that game that everyone likes" rather than a "Here's why I don't find that game as great as everyone says".

  • Thanks guys, but I asked for a rationale, not a write-in psychoanalysis -_-

    @Nillend I haven't played No Man's Sky, I'm just highly skeptical of that game because of the random world generation. My favorite games are still Twilight Princess, Skyrim, and The Last of us, each for different reasons (and Monster Hunter if we're talking combat systems).

    I am curious what makes you "respect the Witcher, despite not caring for its story..." Is that predicated on its popularity, critical acclaim, apparent ambition... something else?

  • @Haru17 I don't care for its story, because I wasn't engaged into it, or the characters after an hour of playing it. I respect it because of it's graphics, world size and the ammount of things you can do. Plus, if so many people loves it, there must be something right about it, even if I didn't like it.

  • To be honest I don't think that the main "story" of Witcher 3 is all that good or interesting. I found greater enjoyment and got more invested in the side stories like the Bloody Baron or even Letho's.

    As for the gameplay it is generally servicable, but when the game is as long as it is you will become really bored of mindlessly mashing through the combat (cranking up the difficulty does nothing to fix it), mindlessly following some red trail with your detective mode from point A to B, getting constant randomized loot (from getting the same legendary sword I already own to getting rewarded with some epic loot from a quest that is worse than the uncommon one I'm using) and so on.
    The gameplay doesn't change up, force me to think or anything like that. It becomes a slog, something you do only to get to the next dialogue in your quests, not because you enjoy it.

    I mean I could go on a big rant with all the issues I think Witcher 3 had, but at the end of the day it's a good game and I enjoyed it so I see no real reason to do so. It is a good game with noticable flaws and that's perfectly fine. Even my favorite games of all time have problems.
    I think it's important to keep an open mind. Even if you really love or hate something it's generally easy to understand what some people can have issues with and accept that. So long as it doesn't devolve into something nasty it's only healthy for your minds to discuss something divise, otherwise you risk falling into that echo chamber trap.

  • @Haru17 I don't really understand why you care so much.

    You're obviously not going to be convinced that The Witcher 3 is a good game so why should anyone bother to argue with you? People just don't agree on things sometimes. I'm not going to spend twenty minutes of my life trying to convince you that you're wrong. I don't agree with a lot of the problems you had with the story and the characters. They weren't problems to me. I can't defend an issue if I don't feel like it's an issue in the first place.

    The environments weren't depressing for me. They were beautiful. There were numerous side quests to discover so it was never boring for me either. The world and it's inhabitants were a refreshing change from all the "nice" fantasy worlds out there. It was like going from Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones. There's nothing wrong with the former but there's room in the video game world for some more adult dialogue and subject matter. The combat was never "turned up to 11" for me either. If I died, I tried a different tactic and it turned out that I hadn't properly researched my enemy. The combat itself wasn't amazing but I don't buy into all the talk that it's bad. It's just not like every other game out there. If you USE the oils and the codex entries and every tool at your disposal it becomes immensely rewarding to take down your foes.

  • @Light Thank you. I'm not going to argue with you, I just wanted to hear an account like that of why someone liked the game. You don't have to rebut my arguments, nor I yours. I was just curious is all.

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    @Haru17 Your favorite games include Skyrim and Last of Us, but you can't understand why people like Witcher 3?
    Yeah. You're beyond hope. Nobody can help you.

  • @El-Shmiablo Thank you for your concern.

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    @Haru17 Sorry man, I just can't understand how sombody can unironically say Witcher 3 has a bad story, characters, and world, and then say Skyrim is one of their favorite games.