A Witcher 3 review that I agree with

  • @Budi I agree. These threads always rope me in when people keep saying something to the effect of "I don't understand why people don't like the Witcher 3" - Someone explains why they don't, and then they get told they are wrong. But it is discussions like these threads where I get to see what parts of the Witcher 3 people enjoy, and their own angles on the combat (like yours).

    Closer we get to vulcan mind meld the better.

  • @Stormcrownn It's important to give criticism even on the games that people love. But it's really tiring to see hyperbolic hate towards games. And comments like "it's shit", without further explanation what's wrong with it. How can anything improve if people don't know what needs to be fixed.

    I'm just many times left wondering how did I ever manage to get through first and second Witcher (and loving them), if the third is supposed to be unplayable trash. I found Witcher 2 combat to be really frustrating, but it was heavily affected by framerate that couldn't really even keep steady 30 fps on my old computer. I wouldn't be surprised if the 30 fps is actually one of the biggest drawbacks for people in W3 on consoles, but all the blame goes rather to the game than the weak hardware.

    But for me W3 was indeed a huge upgrade regarding the combat, the simple addition of dodge besides roll gives me more defensive options and I don't need to detach myself from the combat that often. Also Geralt isn't leaping automatically to the next target on press of a button like happens in Witcher 2 and in Batman games too. Also in Witcher 2 you couldn't drink potions during combat, which I thought was really bad design decision.

    Edit: Also to add something you said earlier in this thread about the combat not evolving, it's quite true that there seems to be very little excitement in leveling. It's mostly just upgrades to abilities you have been using already. Ofcourse one could say that it's great that you get all the tools from the beginning and you aren't restricted to be simply melee or simply a mage. But one ability I would recommend to almost anyone not feeling the Witcher combat is Rend. It's always the same animation and range when you press the button, or you can hold it and release for impact when the enemy gets close enough. There's no dancing around while using Rend.

  • @Art I know I'm late to this party but your reply made me giggle like crazy, thank you

  • I don't agree with the reviewer's "It's a typical console game" point, but I agree with lot of the other stuff. I hard quit on the game after under ten hours of play (thanks Brad!). Sure the story and the characters are good on video game standards but when I don't enjoy any of the gameplay elements it's time to just quit.

  • @Ivanhoe Are you thinking of the recent versions or the one at launch?

    The Witcher 3 at launch had some really awkward controls, and using a keyboard/mouse was really difficult.

  • Recent version on console, bought it couple days ago. Controls are still awkward.

    I also had strange bug with the controls. R2 works fine with every other game but for some reason I have to press the trigger very hard to do the signs in Witcher. Too hard to really use them in combat. Maybe there is some kind of problem with my controller but I still don't understand why would the programmers make it so you need to press the R2 much harder than in other games. If it isn't a bug that is. But that didn't factor in at all why I stopped playing the game. Just not my kind of game.

  • @Ivanhoe Seems like a bug, never had anything like that here.

  • @Light said in A Witcher 3 review that I agree with:

    It happens with every critically acclaimed game.

    The more hyperbole people use to praise a game the more hyperbole people use to disparage it.

    The Last of Us, Bioshock: Infinite, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc.

    It's only amplified when a game is exclusive to one platform or has a controversial person behind the development of the game.

    Basically, people need to be more like the guys at Easy Allies and recognize that this stuff isn't that serious and we can all have our own opinions on stuff.

    Bioshock infinite is like one of the worst FPS i have ever played. very linear and scripted, worst level design i have ever seen, terrible shooting, elizabeth is annoying sidekick. if it was not called bioshock it would not receive more than 5.

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  • The fact this thread continues to receive posts boggles my mind. I guess I'm part of the problem now.

  • @SabotageTheTruth We need this thread.
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