Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is an upcoming adventure game taking influence from Wonder Boy and its 2017 remake. In this side-scrolling open-world game you get to transform into different animal characters with different special abilities while battling enemies and solving puzzles. The game will be released on November 6th for PS4, Switch, PC and Xbox One.

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    I really like the style and the colours of this. Every now and then it's good to have something much more simpler and warmer on one's plate instead of everything being realistic and grim.

    And a really cool instruction booklet and stickers work as a pre-order incentive.
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  • I was immediately IN for this! I love the WHOLESOME song and vibes from this, and it honestly looks just like the Shantae game I've been wanting after the last few disappointing ones. I really hope it has an interconnected world to explore and not "stages". Only thing that worries me is that the review for the last game in the franchise wasn't scored very high, but from my understanding the game that remake was based on was made ages ago, probably by very different people, so maybe it shouldn't be taken into consideration at all for this?

  • I'm on board!

  • Monster Boy is now out! Damn, this looks so good. Refreshing.

    That 40 € price tag is just a little bit too high for me, I think, plus I don't exactly have time for the game now on December. But I'll definitely keep this on my radar, waiting for that perfect moment to grap it.

  • I have to ask: isn't this just Wonder Boy. Maybe a remake or sequel? if so why is Monster Boy $20 more.

  • @zrail Wonder Boy was a remake of an old game with new graphics, but you could also switch back to the classic ones.

    Monster Boy is taking the concept of Wonder Boy and rebirthing it into a new franchise (if this game sells well) like Shantae.

  • It's getting excellent reviews so far:

    But wow, I had no idea it was 40 €, that's not an impulse buy price point at all, I'm afraid that might bite them in the ass. When you see games like Dead Cells or Hollow Knight under 20 €, it's hard to justify.

  • @axel said:

    I had no idea it was 40 €, that's not an impulse buy price point at all, I'm afraid that might bite them in the ass.

    That's fair.

    When you see games like Hollow Knight under 20 €, it's hard to justify.

    The real lesson there is Hollow Knight being criminally undervalued and indies being able to be amazing but still not worth as much as other games from bigger publishers to people.

  • @mbun Yeah they might have been too generous with Hollow Knight, I'm pretty sure it would have sold as many copies for 10 € more, but that's just a gut feeling. It's pretty hard for indie studios to gauge the sweet spot since they don't have access to all the big data and market analysis that major publishers have. I hope Monster Boy does well though, it looks amazing!