Favorite card (as in 52 card deck) games

  • Hey all,

    As some of you might have heard, Hurricane Lane is scheduled to make landfall here on Oahu tomorrow late afternoon, and will pick up throughout Friday before finally moving on past us late Saturday. Given that there is a possibility for an extended power outage, I thought I'd pose a question: what are all of your favorite card games that can be played with a standard 52 card deck? I've been through hurricanes before, but I live with plenty of people who haven't so I figured anything to keep the spirits up would be a good idea. Any suggestions (with rules if possible!) would be greatly appreciated! Also, for those of you interested in tracking the storm, check out this link.

  • I'm a weirdo that grew up playing solitaire with my mom on windows XP, so that easily. Hell I still sometimes load it up and get upset that the cards don't fly off the stage like they used to.

    ...Though, I don't guess that'd be helpful in this situation. Other than that I don't know, I liked playing War when we got to the point of playing card games since there was nothing better to do in middle school, I guess?

  • Played a few games growing up, especially in secondary school break times and on holidays in Tenerife!

    Blackjack (Knock-knock, Crazy Eights): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switch_(card_game)
    It's kind of like Uno, but allows you to chain together cards in some fun ways.

    Bullshit (Cheat): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheat_(game)
    Really simple game, and a great game to make the time pass, especially if you use more that one deck. I've had games that last over an hour.

    Arsehole (President): https://www.pagat.com/climbing/president.html
    Bit more complex game. Makes for a good drinking game. Had a lot of fun with that one though.

  • Love a wee cheeky game of 'Sevens' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sevens_(card_game))

    'Cheat' & 'President' are really good shouts from @Hazz3r

  • I have the weirdest memories of playing 52 card deck games in early elementary school in the morning before our school had the daily assembly. Like straight up playing Poker and stuff in like second grade, possibly earlier, I guess cause it made everyone feel older at the time and some kids were emulating their parents? I remember the teachers would get upset when they caught us, and funnily enough I haven't played many 52 card deck games since and barely remember how to play any now. Guess I just got bored of it? Weird to think about now.

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    Always when my family get together, we end up playing our "500" game.

    The aim is to get 500 points.
    You play in rounds where at the start everyone gets 6 cards (no jokers). The rest of the cards are put in a pile in the middle with the top card facing up next to the pile. The person to the right of the dealer get to choose to "pick up the pile" or draw a card from the pile. The person then have to put down one of his/her cards on the upfacing pile before its the next persons turn. When its only 1 card in the facing up pile, you are allowed to "trade" it with a card on your hand, but that then being end of your turn. So how do you get points? You put down 3 cards minimum infront of you on the table. it has to be 3+ matching cards (numbers) or stacking of the same colour (i.e 3,4,5 of hearts). When you pick up the upfacing pile once it contains more than 1 card, you have to be able to put down 3 cards on the table, otherwise you get -50 points. The round end when someone has put down all the cards from the hand on the table (you must always be able to put your absolute last card on the upfacing pile). Or when the downfacing pile are empty and noone can pick up the upfacing pile.

    At the end of the round you count your cards on the table as follows: 2-9 = 5points. 10 = 10points. J,Q,K = 15 points. Ace = 25. (can also be 5 if its being used as 1 card on a 2,3 stack). When a round finishes you get penalty points for the cards you are holding on the same scale.

    Stay safe out there!

  • I used to play a game called Palace back in Highschool. It was simple, fair (anyone could come back), quick, and just addictive. Also, it's apparently more popularly known as Shithead



    I don't remember the rules off the top of my head, but the wiki-how sounds about right.

  • @crepe Ahhh, I used to play Shithead too! Fun game.

  • Personally, I think Texas Hold 'Em (generally no limit) is one of the few perfect games in existence, but its impact is lessened if you're not throwing around real cash.

    The game that took up nearly all of my time at lunch in high school? This one. I didn't realize there were so many additional rules for slapping, but we usually just did sandwiches/doubles. Great game, especially since you can be knocked out completely and still have a chance to come back and win.


    More recently, my D&D group will play this game when the night is winding down. It's basically multiplayer solitaire, but it's a pretty good time.


  • My personal favorites are:

    Spades https://www.bicyclecards.com/how-to-play/spades/
    (And its variant, Hearts) https://www.bicyclecards.com/how-to-play/hearts/
    I like these are best for 3-4 players

    Gin Rummy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gin_rummy
    Good for 2 players

    Spit: https://www.bicyclecards.com/how-to-play/spit/
    Also 2 players, but more active and quick-paced than the others.

  • Euchre is my favorite 4 player partner game. https://www.bicyclecards.com/how-to-play/euchre/

  • If you have chess lovers in your group, I imagine you could play chess using a standard 52 card deck and enough table/floor space. Red cards = White pieces, Black cards = Black pieces. 2-9 cards = pawns. This leaves you with 10s, Aces, Jacks, and Jokers needing to be assigned to Knights, Bishops, and Rooks (pick whatever mapping seems easiest to remember). Since there will be a surplus of 2-9 cards that serve no purpose, you can place those face down on the empty squares to help "visualize" the board. e.g., perhaps the center squares, or along the edges of the board like an "x/y axis"

    (Or buy a chess set!)

  • Thanks for your input everyone! The storm was actually downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm a couple hours ago, which means that the chance of us losing power dropped down a whole bunch. We're still at risk for some heavy rain that could last a while, but I'm not as concerned with downed power lines anymore. I have a list of games to keep in my back pocket for the future now, though, so this has been very helpful!

  • @naltmank That's good to hear. My cousin lives on the Big Island and I was worried about the news talking about flooding, but he reported back that he didn't have any issues, so that was definitely good news.