Let's Vote for our GOTY 2000!

  • I get the feeling this is gonna be another list where I'm the only person with my #1, and it might even be the only vote my #1 gets, but I'm pretty alright with that.

  • Holy shit, a year where I've played more than a couple games?? Heck yes!

  • So.. after looking at many lists of games released in the year, my previous eligible picks of 10 games has been cut in half, and i haven't even finished any of said games. My list is compromised beyond belief, lol.

    Anyway, i want to shout out 2 games:

    • First, the debut of one of my favorite game franchises out there: The Sims. I played this years after my first encounter with the Sims franchise (Sims 2) and it still holds up very well IMO.
    • No One Lives Forever, the humorous Austin Powers-inspired spy FPS game, featuring my first gaming crush (Cate Archer). This is one of the first games i ever played on a PC, and it's pretty instrumental in shaping my love for FPS games. In hindsight, i was lucky to have the chance to play it, considering the perpetual licensing hell this game is trapped in right now.

  • Since we're doing shout-outs, don't forget that Baldur's Gate 2 came out in 2000.

    Baldur's freaking Gate 2!

    Just saying, you know, the best RPG ever and all, might deserve a nod on your lists!

  • @axel I can never get into this genre, and I keep trying. I don't know what it is, but from Baulder's Gate to Pillars of Eternity, I keep trying, and they keep feeling awful to play.

    Considering how much I love other RPGs, it's always troubling. It's not them, it's me.

  • @sazime same has happened to me with cRPGs, I managed to put a good amount of hours into Planescape Torment but didn't finish it and in numerous other attempts including Pillars, and the original Fallouts I was just unable to keep myself going even though I actually did like the games.

    I know that a factor is that I generally don't like playing in PC as much as in console so I recently bought Divinity 2 for PS4 hoping that I'll have better luck with it.

  • I get that, as much as I love those games I probably would have a much harder time playing them today, I don't have the time/patience anymore. I keep looking at Pillars of Eternity and would love to play it but... I never picked it up.

    But back then, boy, Baldur's Gate was the greatest adventure ever!

  • New update, I've received 24 lists and we've got 60 nominated games.

    15 games already have 9 points or more which, judging from past years, should already guarantee them a spot in the final list.

  • Bumping this thread because I haven't received a single list since my last update!

    Instead of sending individual private messages to people to ask them to participate, I'll make it easier for myself and tag them all in this message ;)

    (Picked the people who participated in the last couple editions of this so hopefully should be interested)

    @DeweyDecibel @Billy @Inustar @DOOM @A7X458 @iboshow @marv257 @FerrisK96 @Yoshi @ACardAttack @michemagius @Minamik @CJTreader @jbluzb @Bigdude1 @Tragosaurus @Fridge-man @DisturbedSwan @Sheria @Whiskeyjack @Alex840 @Lux-Noctis @jipostus @logic__error @MiserablePerson @sonmi @tokeeffe9 @Swordfish00830 @TheOtherJohnP @Ringedwithtile @Chocobop @PepeElToro805 @RARMSTAR @thenerdtheword @xias @parasitepaladin

    We need your help! Also tagging @B-Cell, if you love Deus Ex that much, put your money where your mouth is and vote for it ;)

  • Sent my list, now back to the shadows...

  • Sorry, I'm being lazy but did we find a definitive list of the games that came out that year?

  • Sent my list finally.

    This was a interesting time in my life because i just recently got a ps2 but was really into pc games

  • Almost positive my list will all be near the bottom if on it at all - but damn I loved those games. Can't wait to share my list and see the overall list. I wanna go back and play some of these again.

  • It is a real struggle to find out what games came out that year. Very strange.

    So, where do we stand on Pokemon Silver/Gold as it came out in 1999 in Japan, 2000 NA and 2001 in Europe?

  • @tokeeffe9 I think NA and Western release windows are being taken. Pokemon specifically has me confused, but

    I included it just in case

  • @brannox Cool, thanks. This will definitely be a weird list for me as I missed a lot of the big hitters and am maybe halfway through Deus Ex.

  • Ok ok.
    I sent my list in.
    Interesting time for me since it was my year between home and college, lucky too since without my college friends I would never have played any N64 or Dreamcast games.

  • @tokeeffe9 It's the Western release (US or Europe) that counts, so Pokemon Silver/Gold are eligible. You can refer to the list at the top of this thread, it's gotten quite exhaustive now with the additions from other people.

  • I now have 30 lists, thanks to everyone who participated since last time!

    But it's still not enough, ideally I'd need 10 more lists to have a really meaningful ranking (the lowest participation we've had so far for those was 38 lists).

    I'm leaving the nominations open for another week, so hopefully more people vote, otherwise I'll move on to individual harassment ;)

  • There doesn't seem to be a be all end all list for this year like the other ones. Shame.