Cyperpunk twitter account makes a transphobic joke and apologizes

  • @tokyoslim said:

    I am arguing that CDPR should get better PR people.

    Real talk, I feel like this is just a more polite way to ask the person be fired.

    It's a hard job. My company has a PR person and we don't make as much money

    That's why we should sympathize when mistakes happen as long as they own up to them, as they have.

  • @mbun said in That's News!:

    I feel like this is just a more polite way to ask the person be fired.

    I'm not asking anything. CDPR can hire whomever they want. If they hire Peter Molyneux to direct their next game, I'd probably say "You should get someone better".

    I don't think they are particularly focused on PR, and I think they are a big enough company now that they should be.

  • @axel said in That's News!:

    If some people feel like that's not good enough and want to hold a grudge against the company because of that, whatever, it's their call.
    But doxing and campaigning for anyone to be fired over this IS extreme, absurd and unacceptable (ironically, these are gamergaters tactics).
    And the problem with internet is that this one person who did this, even though as you explained they were pretty much universally condemned, will still contribute to giving a bad name to the very community that was a victim in the first place.

    I agree with all of this.

  • @tokyoslim said:

    I don't think they are particularly focused on PR, and I think they are a big enough company now that they should be.

    Now this I can agree with. I'd rather see the person responsible have a team or larger team formed around them to work with on future tweets to make sure they're proper before they go out than fired for this, which would only give the individual a reason to hate the involved groups.

  • Top quality discussion guys! I learned something.

  • So apparently Rest Era has also harassed a trans games journalist for basically no agreeing with the hive mind (note I've yet to fully read her response on this but once off work ill read it)
    Note, like I said this was probably going to be a story to keep an eye on. Will post own thoughts once I have more the 5 minutes free.
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    i would just like to say that i agree with @Sheria

    this is non-news and does not deserve a thread

  • @david-berishaj It was put in a thread because it was dominating the That's News thread.

  • @dmcmaster See there lies the real issue for me. I would say the joke probably shouldn't have been tweeted from a company account, but it looks like these people have decided how trans people should feel about it and have elevated that over their real feelings. I don't see how you can claim to be defending them when you attack them for not agreeing with you.. especially when its over a relatively benign issue. Its kind of delegitimizes their whole crusade in my opinion

    Now as for the "did you assume my gender" thing.. to me (and I think to those who would use it as a joke) it represents those who expect 99.9% of the population to be hip to the intricacies of something that has only recently started to be discussed in the mainstream. I'm sure being misgendered can be hurtful and I know there are real assholes out there but responding like that assumes their intent when instead you could educate them on your situation and help them realize their mistake.

    Also I wish people would stop accusing every little thing of "fill in the blank - phobia". The joke may be inappropriate for a company account but there's no evidence of actual transphobia there. You're watering down the definition

  • @dmcmaster said in Cyperpunk twitter account makes a transphobic joke and apologizes:

    Rest Era has also harassed a trans games journalist for basically no agreeing with the hive mind

    OR: ResetEra bans Daily Mail contributor for anti-trans commenting, which violates their terms of service agreement. Seems like you're trying to spin things pretty hard man.

    I think we should avoid making this a "ResetEra did X thing thread".

  • When stuff like this is still super common in our society, companies should be really fucking careful what they post on their social media channels. This has nothing to do with "Outrage" or "PC" culture, Transgender individuals are being threatened on a daily basis, CDPR is just enabling this behavior and is downplaying the very real struggle.

  • @david-berishaj The fact it's regarding a very prominent company in the games industry and has over 50 posts suggests otherwise.

    If you have no interest in the topic, you don't need to check out that topic.

  • @tokeeffe9 at least half of those posts are mine though. :p

  • I haven't contributed much to this topic because honestly I'm tired of hearing the same excuses from the same people over and over.
    "They should just get over it."
    "Everybody is so offended these days."
    "Its all part of the SJW agenda."
    If you have legitimately thought any of these thoughts, you can fuck right off into the sun because you are a trash human who lacks basic human empathy.
    I have two trans siblings, and you wouldn't believe the shit they go through on a daily basis.
    I live in Halifax, which I would consider a pretty liberal province, and I still witness some pretty sickening shit. Saw somebody nearly get assaulted on the bus home for no other reason than what they were wearing.

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    They should get over it, anyone who says otherwise is a fucking waste of space who should jump off the next bridge they see.

  • @el-shmiablo I sympathize and share the concern you have for your siblings and anyone else that goes through hell because of who they are, despite your accusations I'll tell you that I don't lack empathy for others, but I have grown tired in seeing people get offended for virtually every single thing and nearly starting crusades for taking things with no ill intent as an attack and demonizing anyone that disagrees.

    We should all be mindful of others, but none of us are perfect and we sometimes do stuff without fully realizing what others may think, I try not to condone people because of such cases, and I don't believe that makes any lesser my intent of respecting people and their beliefs and striving for a more equal society, if you want to condemn me and anyone that doesn't share your views as trash that's up to you and I won't try to convince you otherwise, I and others that share these goals find difficulty in being so strict about this matters.

  • Hey, can you guys not make veiled insults towards other members of the forum. Both of you are way out of order. It doesn't matter how strongly you feel, wishing death on someone is never okay.

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    @mcgeezaks No, they shouldnt "get over it". That is extremely offensive. Next time try to think further than that. Consider it a warning.

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    @lotias It's not extremely offensive lmao, get over yourselves. This forum is a joke and the fact that El Shmiablo's comment gets a pass but not mine is just proof of that. Geez.

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    @mcgeezaks it IS extremely offensive and urging someone to jump off a bridge and being "waste of space" because they are taking offence on a "joke" towards a whole sexual orientation. Do you have any clue how much these people have to put up with on a daily basis? We are trying to keep a welcoming atmosphere for ALL LGBTQ+ people here. I'm sorry that you feel that these forums are a joke. But comments like that will never be accepted here.