Cyperpunk twitter account makes a transphobic joke and apologizes

  • @tokeeffe9 at least half of those posts are mine though. :p

  • I haven't contributed much to this topic because honestly I'm tired of hearing the same excuses from the same people over and over.
    "They should just get over it."
    "Everybody is so offended these days."
    "Its all part of the SJW agenda."
    If you have legitimately thought any of these thoughts, you can fuck right off into the sun because you are a trash human who lacks basic human empathy.
    I have two trans siblings, and you wouldn't believe the shit they go through on a daily basis.
    I live in Halifax, which I would consider a pretty liberal province, and I still witness some pretty sickening shit. Saw somebody nearly get assaulted on the bus home for no other reason than what they were wearing.

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    They should get over it, anyone who says otherwise is a fucking waste of space who should jump off the next bridge they see.

  • @el-shmiablo I sympathize and share the concern you have for your siblings and anyone else that goes through hell because of who they are, despite your accusations I'll tell you that I don't lack empathy for others, but I have grown tired in seeing people get offended for virtually every single thing and nearly starting crusades for taking things with no ill intent as an attack and demonizing anyone that disagrees.

    We should all be mindful of others, but none of us are perfect and we sometimes do stuff without fully realizing what others may think, I try not to condone people because of such cases, and I don't believe that makes any lesser my intent of respecting people and their beliefs and striving for a more equal society, if you want to condemn me and anyone that doesn't share your views as trash that's up to you and I won't try to convince you otherwise, I and others that share these goals find difficulty in being so strict about this matters.

  • Hey, can you guys not make veiled insults towards other members of the forum. Both of you are way out of order. It doesn't matter how strongly you feel, wishing death on someone is never okay.

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    @mcgeezaks No, they shouldnt "get over it". That is extremely offensive. Next time try to think further than that. Consider it a warning.

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    @lotias It's not extremely offensive lmao, get over yourselves. This forum is a joke and the fact that El Shmiablo's comment gets a pass but not mine is just proof of that. Geez.

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    @mcgeezaks it IS extremely offensive and urging someone to jump off a bridge and being "waste of space" because they are taking offence on a "joke" towards a whole sexual orientation. Do you have any clue how much these people have to put up with on a daily basis? We are trying to keep a welcoming atmosphere for ALL LGBTQ+ people here. I'm sorry that you feel that these forums are a joke. But comments like that will never be accepted here.

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    @lotias Oh I see, that's offensive but telling someone to jump into the sun because they are human garbage for not sharing your (((correct))) opinion is fine. You didn't seem to understand why I made that comment but you did prove the point I made.

    Listen, everybody, if you weren't offended on the behalf of the trans community or thought that the twitter comment they made was ''extremely offensive'', then you're human garbage that deserves to die - EZA, 2018

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    @mcgeezaks I'm not saying that the way he went on about it was all correct. I just say that I have a better understanding (empathy) from that standpoint. I won't tolerate an right out attack on a whole group. If you tried to "prove a point" by telling them to kill themselves you went about it the completely wrong way. As I said, we want people to feel welcome and be able to use this space to discuss and hang out in a "safe" environment. Please try to think a little bit further than yourself. Its so much more than "just one comment", Its also what these people have to put up with every, single, day. You don't have to feel offended by the twitter post, I ask you to stay away from posting very offensive material towards the group that it was about.

    So yes. Understand that we ask for some empathy. Thank you.

  • Leaving the entire conversation in tact so people can see why some members have been banned. If you can't talk about this like civil people, the same will apply.

    @el-shmiablo - You have points in your post that I agree with but you stepped over the line. Think about that in future. We can discuss when you're back.

    @Mcgeezaks - You're basically just digging as much as you can. The comments you made, clearly are offensive and you just kept going with it. You don't need to worry about the forums anymore.

    If anyone wants to continue with this interaction, you can take it to PM with the mods. Back on topic please.

  • i really wouldn't call it transphobic. In fact you would hear similar arguments in the trans community how you cant just look at someone and assume.

    either way, obviously its not smart to really have interactions like this. but you do see official twitters like sonic the hedgehog attempt and with greater success similar edgy responses. I guess it comes down to choosing the right jokes in this current political climate.

    I will say this though, people have not gotten fired for more and work in mainstream journalist outlets. but its "ok" if the target isn't a minority and that doesn't make sense either.

  • @tokyoslim Unrelated but iv seen some swastika shit being sold in Harujuku and was genuinely confused. and im not even talking about hindu stuff. i mean read background black swastika stuff. Is it not as big of a deal there?

    imagine if shit like that happened here

  • I dont see it as a big deal however im a straight guy so i really have no right to say whether its offensive or not , however in charge of the Social media page of a big company like that you really shouldnt joke about stuff like that.

  • @bigdude1 yeah, it's not a great look. I haven't personally seen any of that.

  • @tokyoslim while i personally never seen someone with nazi shit on, i have seen it for sale.

    but walking around tokyo i have seen a lot of american army/airforce apparel.

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    Broadly speaking, the theoretical collapse of barrier between sex and gender in a transhumanist context that a setting like cyberpunk ironically makes a meme-y joke like that theoretically passable.

    The problem of course is the rest of us out here in reality have not achieved the possibility of cybernetic body swapping. And historically those that do attempt to deviate from their factory default settings have been met with great social adversity.

    With 280 whole characters they probably could've sounded more contrite. But the whole matter of doxxings, large scale boycotts of and cdproject red's other works seems a bit much.

    @bigdude1 said in Cyperpunk twitter account makes a transphobic joke and apologizes:

    @tokyoslim Unrelated but iv seen some swastika shit being sold in Harujuku and was genuinely confused. and im not even talking about hindu stuff. i mean read background black swastika stuff. Is it not as big of a deal there?

    imagine if shit like that happened here

    I saw a few videos online talking about the phenomenon and I guess the simple answer is that Japanese world history texts don't really dive too deeply into the holocaust. It's probably part being from both having allied with Germany and lost along with uncomfortable questions something like that might bring up in relation to Japanese treatment of other east Asian countries they occupied.

    Generally speaking, Japan has trended towards maintaining a sort of Japanese monoculture by not allowing much outside immigration which means they're basically insulated from any of the survivors of the holocaust so for them it's like rediscovering the cool graphic design based on ancient eastern religions that people in 1930s Germany thought was so cool they made it into their national symbol.

  • @Bigdude1 said:

    you do see official twitters like sonic the hedgehog attempt and with greater success similar edgy responses

    As I said above, they have an entire team working together for that to make sure nobody crosses the line, and I think they've said someone at Sega basically has to approve anything they're unsure about or maybe that involved Sega IP directly? I think they've done a talk on it somewhere before, but I don't have that link on me. Either way, I imagine it is way more involved than the average Social Media PR team.

    @ochi We're probably flailing way off topic here, but there's an entire sect of Nazi anime fans outside Japan even, and it is one of the weirdest phenomenon. Guess it is just people combining interests. There are people out there who idolize Nazis, not for the horrible inhuman things they did, but for their military presence, which is a whole other can of worms I'm personally happy to not share fascination with.

    For all the people who think this isn't news and don't really want to talk about this, let me just remind you at the bottom of the page you can click Not Watching and set it to Ignore, then you won't see the topic anymore. Posting angry comments at other people discussing this will only further bump the topic, get you in trouble, and bother others, so there's no reason on any level you should be doing this.

  • @ochi that's pretty off-topic, but not really surprising to me to be honest, for as much as I like Japan and there are things about their culture I really like, their isolationism and general ignorance of the outside is really not one of them, and overall there are some serious problems they have in their society.

  • @bard91 Been living in Japan for 5 years and yeah, like any society on this planet, they have problems. However, if you ask me, i am happy that here we can still have a conversation or joke about any topic (literally anything) if people don't believe you have any harming intentions or you are going to commit felony crimes...which i can't say about some other countries at this point...