Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4)

  • How do we not have a thread for this already?

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    There's a demo up on PSN

    Early reviews place this higher than Yakuza 0, which are some pretty big shoes to fill IMO, as Y0 was my GOTY.

    Comes out on Tuesday 8/28
    Youtube Video

  • From what I have heard, it takes everything that makes Yakuza 0 great and just trims away the fat. It definitely seems (based on reviews) to be the the best Yakuza game to date.

  • Probably gonna miss launch by just over a week due to bills, oof.

    It'll take a lot of willpower not to watch anything for that entire week long wait.

  • Pre-ordered it last night after checking out the reviews (not that I had any doubt it would be great).

    I felt a bit burnt out last year after playing Zero and Kiwami almost back to back, but I'm feeling the urge to return to Kamurocho and Sotenbori!

  • Ever since the localisation got announced it has been my most anticipated game of 2018. I can't wait for August 28!

  • I felt a bit off based on the demo. Especially because everything I read about it seemed like they were adding everything missing in Yakuza 6 BACK into Yakuza Kiwami 2. I missed a lot of the side stuff that Yakuza 0 offered that Yakuza 6 didn't have. But once I played the demo, I was surprised how it basically felt the exact same as Yakuza 6. Yakuza 6 had an underwhelming amount of combat depth, mainly lacking heat actions, and I thought they'd bring back some of those from Yakuza 0 but it doesn't seem that way. The fight music got very very repetitive in the demo too.

    With all that said, one or two cutscenes and I was gripped. Stoenbori in the new engine... damn I can't wait to explore.


    @GameInformer said in Yakuza Kiwami 2 review:

    New combat moves feature brutal animations, and even allow you to call in backup help from NPCs you help in side quests. One of my personal favorites is having a guitar player throw me his instrument to use as a battleaxe to finish off a goon. You can unlock loads of these ally interactions, and they make completing sidequests even more rewarding. Being able to pick up weapons in battle and stow them away for future fights is also a much-appreciated addition.

    ^^Looks like some concerns were addressed.

  • Extremely detailed and slightly spoilery review by GameSpot. Looks VERY good.


  • Hey I have a question. For the Majima chapters, is there any benefit to playing them when they unlock or can I wait until they are all unlocked?

  • @capnbobamous I waited until after I was done with the main story and I'm glad I did. Because they reveal a big spoiler/plot point towards the end, so I'd say you should wait with Majima saga.

  • @hidz ok cool thanks for clearing that up!

  • I'm well into the game now. Yakuza 2 was always my favourite of the series and this remake doesn't disappoint

  • Not very far into it, but loving it

    So glad they decided to combine exp boost into one skill to level up instead of each skill having its own

    This is the only mainline one I havent played so excited to be playing this for the first time

  • Just "beat" the Cabaret manager section of the game.

  • @tokyoslim it is sooo good. Easily my favorite mini game. Only Yakuza can make me interested in dress-up.

  • I'm only a couple hours in but I'm blown away by the new engine. Jumping from Zero/Kiwami to this is incredible.

    I'm just running around the city with a smile on my face, it's like being there!

  • @axel don't forget you can run around in first person mode by pressing the right analog stick for that extra immersion!

  • @tokyoslim Oh right, they mentioned that but I still haven't tried. I know what I'm doing tonight!

  • I just visited Omi headquarters, so not very far in

    But Ive almost maxed my exp earning skills, I need just one more level for exp earned, already have food exp and stomach maxed, just through eating and selling some stuff I found. Been lucky to find a gold plate and quite a few silver ones.

    Also finding the key locker finder in the first area right off the bat has helped a lot

  • Really annoying but I only received my order for Kiwami 2 today. Right smack dab in the middle of NFL season starting, Battlefield V beta, and some personal work. Would have been a lot nicer if it arrived at, ya know - launch (like it said it would).

  • Impressions so far as of Chapter 4:

    The good:

    • Story is on point, lots of intrigue and mystery to keep you questioning things
    • Ryuji is a great villain, being a foil/evil counterpart to Kiryu
    • Kaoru feels like the first real authoritative female in the series
    • Having EXP be the way it is incentives doing sub stories and other general side oddities
    • Soundtrack is banging, but that's to be expected by now

    The not so hot:

    • Combat feels a bit more limited now with the styles gone, maybe once I've unlocked unlocked some more moves, it will start to get better
    • In regards to the EXP point above, a knockback is that I feel that the rewards are not substantial enough i.e. I get more EXP from eating a special bun that completing a main or side objective
    • The ragdoll is a bit too much for me honestly. I know Yakuza combat has always had this goofy side to it but seeing Kiryu or his opponents hit the floor in awkward positions or go flying off on the ground when sweep kicked is......yeah

    That's all for now. Obviously a lot could change from being a couple of hours in to being tens of hours in.