Shenmue 3 (PS4/PC)

  • I was thinking too that August would've been so much better time for this when looking at the field. November and Q4 in general is a tough spot for even bigger names sometimes, the competition's fierce during those weeks. Well, let's hope people pick this up for a Christmas present (for themselves) maybe.

  • Yes, yes, delay it to January, it's my counter-pick or FantasyCritic so that would be perfect!

    But more seriously, this game will be dead on arrival if it launches in November, only the hardcore fans will buy it.

  • @axel
    Hell I'm almost certain January at least the tail end of the month (give people some time recover post holidays) would work far better, unless Capcom pulls another surprise like this year and releases Dino Crisis and Dragons Dogma 2 at the start of the year or something.

  • November's gonna be hell. I hope they realize this soon.


    Sorry to those who care about this, but I burst out laughing when I read the headline. What a shitshow they've got on their hands now.

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  • Deep Silver's collaborated with Epic before, so I guess this was a predictable move. Absolutely can't wait to see all the rage this causes. /s

  • damn that is shitty to just disregard the kickstarter promises, and specially for a game that I imagine is gonna have a rough time convincing people to jump in, the last thing it needed was its fans turning against it.

  • They're refusing refunds and I think this is illegal in multiple countries and basically begging for a class-action lawsuit from what I'm hearing. Doubt anything would come of it though unless someone gets REALLY mad and pushes the issue.

  • "refusing refunds"

    You didn't buy anything.

    I think a case MIGHT be made that it violated the Kickstarter TOS, but I think that's probably the best shot of getting anything changed. A class action seems like a waste of time.

  • If you were a Kickstarter and you picked PC as the platform does that mean you'll get a code to download on the Epic Store now?

    If I recall backing the game eons ago, it just asked whether you want it on PS4 or PC. With that said, I picked the digital download option for $20 (I think). PC is pretty arbitrary so is there anything people can even sue over considering they'll still get the game on PC? Or am I missing something?

  • @dipset the kickstarter specifically said Steam, and when asked to choose the platform it also listed Steam specifically, afaik it was never just PC overall.

  • The kickstarter PAGE never said anything other than Windows PC as far as the promises go. They clearly thought they were GOING to release on Steam up until recently, and have admitted as much.

    The Fangamer "backer survey" where people selected which reward they wanted that they sent out afterwards said Steam specifically - but also mentioned that "specs may change during development". Not officially promised on the kickstarter though AFAIK.

    Not saying it doesn't suck, but as long as they deliver a "Windows PC" version of the game, I think they fulfill their kickstarter promise.

  • @bard91

    Ahhh. I remembered it just saying PC but I can't fully recall because it was forever ago and I picked PS4 anyways.

  • @tokyoslim are you sure? I don't know myself but I've read all over the place that the kickstarter specifically mentioned Steam, including the receipts that backers got.

  • They are talking about the fangamer backer survey. The Kickstarter ended in July of 2015. Kickstarter rewards are not allowed to be altered once people have money on them. Look for yourself.

    In KS blog updates later, they mentioned Steam, and in the fangamer backer survey they mentioned Steam, but on the actual kickstarter rewards tiers Steam is never mentioned.

    Copied/Pasted directly from the "rewards" section of the kickstarter:
    Digital copy of Shenmue 3 for PC or PS4.
    Includes the $5 Reward.

    Physical copy of Shenmue 3 in an exclusive, backer-only case (PC only).
    Includes the $5 Reward.

    Choose one of the following: 1. PS4 Physical Copy 2. PS4 Digital Copy 3. Windows PC Physical Copy 4. Windows PC Digital Copy.
    Digital copy of the Trial version for PC

    Your name in the credits.
    Includes the $5 Reward.
    International phone card (in-game item)

    So theoretically, if they deliver a Windows PC physical copy and a pc Digital copy, and a PS4 physical and digital copies, they have fulfilled the kickstarter .

    The fangamer backer survey allowed you to select a Steam key. The blog post that later detailed the system requirements listed a Steam account. Neither of those things were specified on the actual kickstarter though. And the Steam system requirement had a disclaimer along with the other PC requirements that it may change in development.

  • ALSO - The riveting Shenmue 3 game play we've all waited so long for:

    Youtube Video – [01:18..]

  • Youtube Video

    here the gameplay looking good.