The EZA Forum Top 10 Towns

  • Just pointing out that Dobuita in Shenmue isn't a town. It's a street.

  • Here are some to consider, mostly non-RPGs.

    • Cosmo Canyon (FF VII)
    • Rocket Town (FF VII)
    • Spargus (Jak 3)
    • The Village (Resident Evil 4)
    • Masyaf (Assassin's Creed)
    • Megaton (Fallout 3)
    • Tibetan Village (Uncharted 2)
    • Monteriggioni (Assassin's Creed II)
    • Davenport Homestead (Assassin's Creed III)
    • Bill's Town (The Last of Us)
    • Lakeside Resort (The Last of Us)
    • Sandy Shores (GTA V)
    • Paleto Bay (GTA V)
    • Great Inagua (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag)
    • Oxenfurt (The Witcher III: Wild Hunt)
    • Crow's Perch (The Witcher III: Wild Hunt)
    • Siwa (Assassin's Creed Origins)

  • In regards to what @RARMSTAR said, while I do think it is typically good to assume something with city in the title doesn't count, it depends much more on size rather than title.

    For instance, Rivet City from Fallout 3 I would consider a town because it's so small.

  • @capnbobamous How about Diamond City from Fallout 4? Can we agree that it's a town due to it's size?

  • @bam541 Absolutely. That is a town.

  • Aside from Diamond City, i would also like to shout-out other towns.

    • Sapienza (Hitman 2016)
    • Goodsprings (Fallout New Vegas)
    • Goodneighbor (Fallout 4)
    • Neuhof (Kingdom Come Deliverance)

  • I would like to shout out Pelican Town from Stardew Valley. It is easily the most jolly town I've lived in in a game.

  • Also not sure any of the locations in P5 count, since they are just neighborhoods inside Tokyo.

  • @tokyoslim I agree, they're all just parts of the city IMO. A similar example are the districts from Hekseville and Jinga Para Lhao from Gravity Rush.

  • @bam541 City is in the name. its gotta consider itself a town.

  • Persona 5 may not count but you better believe Inaba from P4 does.

  • Thinking of towns is not that easy tbh, specially when I'm not at my house and I don't have my games in front of me, but I could at least think of the following ones.

    Inaba - Persona 4
    Raftfleet - Suikoden V
    Trista - Trails of Cold Steel
    Castway Village - Ys 8
    Pooka Village - Odin Sphere

    Pooka Village is basically just a single screen with two restaurants in it (with amazing looking food) but it is so incredibly cozy.

    I also thought of the first village in Shovel Knight but I was dissapointed to find out it doesn't have a proper name.

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    note: You should consider making your top 10 list in google forms instead of having people email you lists. It'll output to an excel style sheet for you to look at

    Otherwise for now the only town I'll nominate is the town of Greenvale. Despite the darkness hiding within it, there's just also so much unique character to it all.

  • Arcadia Bay is a town

  • I'm having trouble coming up with 10.

    The picturesque port town of Anvil in Oblivion has always been one of my favorites though. You can also own a lovely house there after you chase the ghosts out

  • New rule: I do not require 10 towns from each of you. I originally instated that rule so that there were enough nominated towns to make a proper list, but I foresee it being difficult for many people to even come up with ten for this topic.

    Now, though I do not necessarily require ten from you, it would still be greatly appreciated. Also, ten is still the limit, so you can't send me a list with 11 or more towns.


  • I put together a small list, originally I didn't want to send anything since I could only think of two or three but after giving it some more thought I got nine or so I feel confident in, including at least one from a game I guarantee nobody else will put on their list or probably even played.

  • Might I suggest doing it like the Top 50 Characters list we did?

    Have people send in ordered lists, and assign points accordingly.

  • @oscillator That was originally my plan, but I didn't know how successful this thread would be, so I didn't want it to be uneven. If I get enough lists to where I do this again, then I might follow that format.

  • I sent my list right now. They're not really Zelda type and/or RPG towns, so let me know if some changes are required.