(PS4) Monster Hunter World: Behemoth Extreme LFG

  • Hi all!

    So the Extreme (extreeeeeeeeeeme) Behemoth hunter in MHW is very tedious.

    My friend and I tried to beat it together but run into many unprepared/uncommunicative players. We'd like to run with some people that are patient and have a strong understanding of the mechanics. We have both made it to the final phase (2nd comet).


    • Mon-Fri: 7pm-11pm EST
    • Sat/Sun: anytime)

    What is needed to win:

    • Communication (can use discord/skype/etc)
    • Knowledge of move-set (it's MH after all)
    • Wide Range lvl 5

    What we could use:

    • A heavy dps tail cutter (IG or GS)
    • A tank (that knows how to grab hate)
    • A HBG with plenty of Sticky 2/3's

    What we can offer:

    • I can Tank (charge blade), Gunner (KO build), or Tail chopper.
    • Friend can Hunting Horn or Bow (sleep build)

  • I have HBG sticky 2-3 cluster 2-3 sleep 1-2
    Wide range 5 I have made it to last comet but failed due to another players death
    Would love to join you I have headset plugged into controller if that's ok enough