Streets of Rage 4 (PC/PS4/XBO/Switch)

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    @sentinel-beach basically anything not by Yuzo Koshiro is a bit... off.
    So that's basically the main theme and the final boss themes.

  • @el-shmiablo I loved the music in this game. Almost as good as SOR2's. 4 has dynamic music. Give it that extra flair and detail.

    @Sentinel-Beach Here is a little something to help you out. I was able to beat Normal mode fine without a game over, but I understand the struggle. Once you know how the combat works, it gets better.

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    An update, I've beaten Hard mode too, and unlocked all the characters.

  • Another thing I learned. You wanna know how to get high scores and S ranks? It's right in front of you: don't let your big combos break. What I mean is don't get hit. Your scored based on how many hits you make, how much damage (weapons become a huge help in this regard) without taking damage. If you're at a high enough combo score, some times it's best to let the score settle so it can add to your overall average. Not unless you want to risk losing it.

  • I reached Stage 10 so almost at the end, I'm just playing a couple stages a day.

    Playing on Normal and so far beat all the levels without assists, but I had a couple game overs. I started by trying out all characters but now only using Axel (obviously).

    I was never a big beat 'em up fan as a kid, and only played Streets of Rage a few times at a friend's. I just had the Ninja Turtles arcade game which I loved and beat so many times, and Double Dragon III which I never managed to finish.

    I'm only getting C's and D's though so it feels bad. I do feel like I'm constantly improving though, and I appreciate how each enemy type has their own patterns and moves, I'm getting into the groove of choosing who to attack first, focusing on crowd control, positioning, etc.

    I'll definitely replay it with other characters, and in co-op with my girlfriend when I'm allowed to see her again!

  • Frame Trap: Episode 106, "Streets of Hype". Topic on SOR4 starts at 6:14

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  • Just wanna say, I feel like they kinda made it seem like this was Limited Run Games exclusive (it's the company's name, after all) but it's now available from other sellers. That's what I get for buying in early but I guess lesson learned. Still pissed though.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I'm not mad, but disappointed. The good news is I got a gift for my brother, and I got two copies coming in a couple of months. This series means a lot to my older brother and I. So, I am getting what I paid for with some bonuses.

  • @brawlman Youtube Video

    Update here. tl;dr: Mistakes were made, they apologized, all LGR orders now get OST CD and limited editions get a steam key.

  • I got the 100 Yen Trophy by beating Arcade mode on Hard, using Blaze. Surprisingly, I only loss one life. Another helpful hint: every character has a charge attack by holding down the attack button. When your character briefly flashes yellow, release the button, and if the attack connects, you can launch enemy and have them wall bounce if neard the edge of a screen or vertical surface. This opens up even more juggles and combo possibilities. I am starting to love the combo system, when I figure the hidden mechanics more. This games is almost like a 2D Devil May Cry in a weird way. Ironic, I must say.

  • Free $7.99 DLC!

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  • I finally cracked my copy of this game and it is so good. I still don't love the look but I can definitely look past it now that I have played it. Estel and Shiva are also incredible. Can't wait to unlock all the characters.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    The funny thing is, the series has always going for a more Western comic book look all the way back to the first game. Yuzo even approved of it. I'm glad they went with a new look. They could have done pixel again, that just would have been boring and wouldn't be able to separate it from the other indie brawlers out there.

  • @brawlman I absolutely did not want pixels. I can't actually tell you exactly what I want but I think it's just overall a bit too bright and cartoony for me. It may have just been the limited colour palette of the Genesis but the original games felt darker and more grimey. This just looks Saturday morning cartoon to me. I can't fully describe it but it feels like it's missing the despair of the originals. BUT that may also be because I played the originals as a kid when I was afraid of everything.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Streets of Rage 1 and 2 are very bright and colorful, you're thinking of the third game. That one had a more realistic and muted color palette. There was still color, but it wasn't as bright as compared to the first two games. If you look at the concept art for the first two games and the official artwork, it has more of a mangas / comic book look to it. The third game went with a more realistic drawings. It's noticeable in the Japanese manual and official artwork.

  • @brawlman No, I was thinking of all 3. They all look darker to me. I don't have the eye to see the difference in 3. And when I play something, I'm not concerned with what the developer was trying to achieve. I only care whether I like it or not. So while this may be the appearance THEY wanted the whole time, I personally don't love it.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in Streets of Rage 4 (PC/PS4/XBO/Switch):

    No, I was thinking of all 3. They all look darker to me. I don't have the eye to see the difference in 3. And when I play something, I'm not concerned with what the developer was trying to achieve.

    That fine and all, but 4 is no more brighter than 1 and 2. It is brighter than 3, but the latter was intentionally given a darker color palette to match the tone of the game. I don't deny that the first two games have some dark colors, but that is only for 1 stage or certain sections in stages. I'm not always concerned with what they want to achieve either, but they got what they wanted to do and I am all the more happy for them. I'll end it there.

  • From Yuzo Koshiro himself. Apparently, Axel was saying Ground Upper the entire time and not Grand Upper. The former makes more sense, but I still prefer the latter. Rolls off the tongue better.

    Happy 30 years to SOR and you Mr. Koshiro!