Dragon Marked for Death (Switch)

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    Youtube Video

    I haven't seen much talk about this game here, but it looks like a lot of fun if you're into 2D action-platformers. It's made by Inti Creates and the core team is pretty much the Mega Man Zero / ZX team (director, character designer, writer, producer, etc.).

    They just announced the release date in yesterday's Nintendo Direct: December 13th.

    There's online and local co-op for up to 4 players too.

    Check it out!

  • I was the only one with this game on my Desire Index and I've been excited for it for a while, but I'm very disappointed by the latest developments.

    Two things are a major gripe for me:

    • The game was always advertised as offering 4 playable characters, each with their unique playstyle and abilities. However a couple months ago, they announced that the game would be split up in two, each version of the game offering only 2 characters, with the other 2 sold as DLC. Each version costs $15, and you'll need to pay another $15 for the other 2. Now even if they were originally planning to sell the full game for $30 and did this to "offer more options", it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and feels scummy. Clearly the game is meant to be played using all 4 characters, and by buying only one version it feels like you're getting a limited experience. They even have a Season Pass for additional quests too! In a game like this, really?
    • Even bigger problem, the game also always touted co-op as the best way to play, and I was excited to play this with my girlfriend. However I just found out in a review that there is no split-screen or same screen co-op. If you want to play local co-op, you need 2 Switches and 2 copies of the game. You can otherwise play online co-op. No way to play with my girlfriend then. And solo play, according to multiple reviews, is a drag with bullet-sponge enemies.


    This immediately kills any interest I had for the game, too bad, it looked like a fun offering but these baffling design and business decisions just ruined it for me.


    Sorry for the rant but I hope this serves as a PSA for others, the co-op thing in particular feels very insidious as they never made it clear before.

  • Yeah, just bought this today. Witch is super fun to play, with a really engaging magic system, but there's a lot of shadiness around this game.

    I think the splitting-into-two-games is an interesting pricing structure. On one hand, it's super shady of course, but on the other, paying for character DLC is pretty standard. Also, there's no way I'd have bought this game if it were $30, so if that's what they feel they have to do to get down to the $15 price point, then I guess I'm for it.

    Like Axel mentioned, the lack of same-screen co-op is a huge negative for this game. I think it might be a little difficult to have multiple people on the same screen (some characters move around a lot), but all of the advertising materials seem to suggest you would be able to. (Then again, of course it would; no trailers say "This guy over here is not on the same console!")

    But I played through the first two single player quests and had fun. I can definitely see this bullet sponge thing becoming a problem, there was a point where I was convinced I was playing my character completely wrong because of how little damage I was doing. It might be fun to grind some quests with a friend, and that might help with the bullet sponginess, too.