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    This is just a funny idea to see how it goes. As you may/may not know, Twitch Presents are currently doing a Pokemon series stream marathon on their channel. This has lead to a whole bunch of people hanging out in chat and watching the episodes, talking about the pokemons. As we are currently watching the first season it made me think: what would peoples Gen 1 team look like? As we progress through the series we will shift focus to gen 2 and 3 and so on. At the end of the Marathon I will put peoples pick together and it will be interesting to see which pokemon is the most popular one, as well as if someone picked one-of-a-kind.

    I know this week will be a little short as its already Thursday, but next week you can do a gen 1 and a gen 2 list if you want to, but hold up with gen 2 until next week please.

    Also please limit it to max 1 legendary pokemon per team. (to keep it from just being legendary teams).

    If you dont want to make your list "public", feel free to PM it to me!


  • Gen 1: Raichu, Farfetch'd, Dewgong, Primeape, Ninetales, Dragonair

  • I never played the games, but I watched the series a lot as a kid. So it's six pokemon per team? Is there a list of the legendary ones, so I don't end up with more than one?

  • Hmmmm. Ok. For Gen 1: Gengar, Ninetales, Hypno, Chansey, Dragonair, Porygon, Ditto.

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    @sentinel-beach Oh yeah, I should of listed them, sorry! Legendaries are in Gen 1: Mew, Mewtwo, Arcticuno, Zapdos, Moltres. Six are the max amount of pokemons you can have on you at one time in the games/series.

  • I'm gonna try to keep all starters and legendaries off my lists for the sake of variety.

    Haunter, Starmie, Jolteon, Arcanine, Pidgeot, Beedrill

  • Just the coolest looking guys for my team, I really don't care about abilities, balance or power at all, just the ones I like


  • Blastoise

  • Cuties only!


  • I flip flop on this a lot: Squirtle, Dragonite, Rhydon, Jolteon, Snorlax, Alakazam

  • As the marathon goes on I am replaying the games too. My Gen 1 team this time : Charizard, Nidoking, Gengar, Poliwrath, Jolteon, Snorlax

  • Let's see, I'll go with...

    Gengar, Snorlax, Golduck, Exeggutor, Muk, and Machamp.

    I actually prefer the Alolan version of Exeggutor and Muk but those bad boys don't qualify as gen 1 sadly.

  • Because I dropped off after Gen 3, I can't proceed further than that, but I'll do the first three

    For Gen 1:


  • @brannox You could watch the Pokemon marathon when it gets to the Gen 4 and onward episodes to discover Pokemon from those you like.

  • @mbun Sure, but I could also just Google a Gen specific Pokedex and pull from that, but I just not that into it. I have my memories and knowledge from the first three gens, but I just don't want to randomly pick six that look cool.

  • @brannox I think there's a big difference between watching the anime to see what they're like and just staring at Pokedex pictures online.

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    Thanks for the entires so far! People still have today and tomorrow to submit, before we switch over to gen 2! ...That said though, as I stated in the top post, I will actually allow for you to do gen 1 and 2 as this thread got up a little late. But preferably you will have the list handed in before Orange Islands starts.

  • @mbun I agree, but the point I was making is I don't have the same interest as I once did. And it would feel weird to do so much research into something I just can't get into.

  • I will go with a practical team
    Gen 1:
    Machamp (named :John Cena)

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    Thank you for all the submissions! (Both here and on Twitch).

    We now begin Phase 2 with the start of Series 2 on Twitch Presents.
    This week we are looking for your favourite Gen 2 team. That said, we started gen 1 a bit late, so it will be OK to submit gen 1 and a gen 2 team.