EZA curates September games: What are you anticipating? What's worth checking out?

  • Aside from the "Obvious 2" (Spider-Man and DQXI), there's only one other game i'm interested in - Insurgency: Sandstorm. It's a multiplayer FPS games with a good focus on realism, not as realistic as military simulators like the ARMA series. It seems to strike a balance between Counter-Strike and those kinds of simulators. It uses the magazine system for the ammo, not counting each bullets like you normally see in games. You can peek around corners, breach doorways, customize character and guns. The sound design is pretty intense, it sounds frantic and chaotic. For a 30$ game it looks very good IMO, and it will be released on PC this September 18, the console versions are delayed to early 2019. I want to play this on consoles, but i might cave in and buy the PC version. That depends on the minimum required specs though.

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  • Don't forget about the other great JRPG coming out this month

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  • I’m only interested in Tomb Raider. Loved the first two games and I hope there is a lot of combat in the new one.

  • @bam541 Nice, I did not know that was coming out haha. I dug the first quite a bit so if this one is a bit more refined it'll probably be pretty great.

    From a strictly controls standpoint, I'd recommend getting it for PC. I've never tried, but I feel like these types of shooters would be pretty tough on console. I bet PC will have a bigger player base too

  • @faaip Yeah, PC will be the best way to play for this game. I only have a laptop though, it's good enough for games made 4 years ago but now i'm not so sure. It's heavily bottlenecked by the low-tier GPU.

  • Getting Insurgency on PS4 only because my friendgroup is.
    I agree PC is far and away the superior way to enjoy the game, but I'd rather have a consistent group of non-fucknozzles to play with than enjoy it on PC by my lonely.

  • @bam541 Ah yeah, I gamed on a laptop through college. I know the struggle haha

  • I totally forgot about shadow of the tomb raider.

  • Only thing coming out in September for me is Valkyria Chronicles 4, though I wont be picking that up for a long time, most likely next year due to my back log and then games like Red Dead in october and KH3 in January

  • Gambit is a very fun game type in Destiny. Its PVPVE. Two teams compete to kill waves of enemies in seperate arenas. When you kill enemies they drop "motes" which you can feed to a machine that will, depending on the amount of motes you've banked, send a "blocker" which essentially shuts down their machine until a high level enemy is defeated. You can also spend your motes to activate a portal that will allow you yourself to invade the enemy's arena. First the fill the machine and defeat a boss wins.