Zone of the Enders 2: MARS (PS4/PSVR, PC)

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    This was one of my favourite games back on the Playstation 2.

    Even though it is the follow up on the original game you can still pick this up and follow along the story without playing the first game. There will be some references that might be a little confusing, but its all explained quite well.

    This is one of the games Kojima were producer on and it feels a little like a hidden gem in many ways but it is worth giving a try.

    This launches today, so are anyone gonna pick it up?

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  • I'll probably get it when I have more money in a week or so. I liked the first game as a kid but I've only played a little bit of 2.

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    I think the second game is much better than the first, I think thats also why we get this remake of the second game rather than the first. That said I wouldnt say no to a remake of the first game too.

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    Played the PS4 demo finally, after wanting to play it about thirteen years ago. I didn't like it, to be honest. Don't know why everybody wanted Kojima to make another. MGS was much more interesting.

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    @ezekiel Yeah fair enough, In my opinion it was very silly for them to put the demo in the very beginning (and in my opinion the most dull) part of the game. I really enjoy the story in the ZoE games when you get further and a deeper understanding on what is going on. It might not have the length or twist and turns that MGS has, but its a solid game for other reasons. But I can easily see why this isnt for everyone as well.

  • Anyone try the vr yet?

  • I'm keen to pick it to try the VR, I don't like the sole release though. I have both on the PS2 and on the PS3, but I find it insulting to release just the second this time around. I will agree that the second game is slightly better, but only just. The two games are heavily linked, what with an epic final fight at the end of the original that has a wonderful lead into the second game.