If you Could Make Huber Ask for Something...

  • With Green Lantern-level abilities to will things into existence combined with tastes almost entirely contrary to my own, it kills me every time I see Huber get something he wants. Naturally, rather than try to change my tastes, I regularly imagine what I would force Huber to ask for if I somehow gained such power over him.

    Such a list could easily become endless, but I try to think of things that I have been hoping for for a long time but don't hear about from other people often (not a rule for the topic, just my personal approach).

    First, a Rule of Rose remake/update. The biggest motivation here is the ridiculous price that the PS2 game demands so, normally, a port would suffice. Unfortunately, while I loved the theme and story, the gameplay is so very, very bad. Thus, a remake would be my preference. More people need to play this game for the tone alone.

    Second, a HOME CONSOLE Super Metroid remake. As my favourite game, I don't feel like it's dated or needs an overhaul - though I totally understand if others do. I just want to play more of it. And I don't want it to be on my 3DS. Adjustments to gameplay, locations and bosses would be welcome, as would additional content. After Zero Mission and Samus Returns, I trust you, Nintendo.

    Finally, the original Super Mario Kart with 4-player split screen - no explanation required.

  • Suikoden for me, I've only played V but it is one of my favorite games ever and I feel it is a formula that could be used a lot more and could make for some incredible games now a days.

  • Bring the SOCOM series back with a proper budget and no trend following. The tactical shooter genre was killed in favour of FPS, XP, Battle Royale, etc, and current trends are going further and further away from a skilled tactical team based shooter.

    I just want it to come back. At least SOCOM II HD no changes, just newer graphics and online servers back up.

    Problem is that I don’t think Huber cares about SOCOM so his energies won’t work.

  • This is not something that has been announced or even rumored to exist, but I would love a fully fledged Avatar: The Last Airbender RPG.

    This is something I have been fantasizing about for years, and I even have a design document somewhere with my own ideas and take on it. The likelihood of this game happening is like 1 in 1000, but if anyone can make it happen, it's Huber.

  • Also, I'd like a Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z game with some actual heart. I know people are fond of FighterZ, but all Dragon Ball games have been exclusively about fighting. Imagine a game that took some of the heart from the anime?

    I'm imagining an Dragon Ball RPG as Kid Goku. Dragon Quest is proof that the art can translate well into a RPG. The writing can be lighthearted and more focused on adventure instead of fighting, just like the original Dragon Ball anime. You visit towns where people have all sorts of problems that Goku can only help. Of course, Goku's overpowered and clumsy self will get into hijinx and cause issues of his own. Characters like Pilaf, Frankenstein, Chi Chi, etc, are all lighthearted and their dialogue is somewhat comedic. There is a lot of room for a party system here. Battles can be in a small space kinda like Ni No Kuni.

    Idk, as a fan of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, there is so much I like about the show that is never represented in the video games at all.

    "Adventures from Snake Way" - same as everything I said above, but its Goku making all of his stops across Snake Way that we never got to see. Idk I'm rambling now...

  • More arcade racing games. Games like Split/Second, Burnout, Wipeout, etc.

  • I've got two strong desires.

    1. New Jet Set Radio with Naganuma doing the music again
    2. A Kamen Rider game in the vein of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. There's a lot of great shows to pick from but if I had to choose just one I'd probably go with Blade personally, has a nice balance of monsters to fight against while also having a few Vegils/Jeannes to add to the mix.

    Also I'm totally down for that Dragon Ball RPG idea. DB doesn't get enough love compared to Z.

  • Vigilante 8 remake or a sweet sequel, even. Huber, please.

  • Silent hillz.

  • Banned

    Blur 2.
    Sony to hire back Evolution and make an open world Motorstorm on a huge island with several biomes based on the previous games (desert/canyon, tropical, arctic, collapsing city) were you can attend different events at the festival.
    Anything F-Zero. I'd settle for a fucking remaster collection of X/GX like Sony did with Wipeout Omega.
    Burnout Paradise 2.

    For non racing stuff...
    Guardian Heroes 2. No the advance game doesn't count.
    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 2. Just go full Smash clone this time.
    Ninja Turtles by Rock Steady.
    Scarlet Witch by Sucker Punch.
    DmC Devil May Cry sequel.
    Super Mario RPG 2.
    VtM: Bloodlines remake.
    Powerstone 3.

    Will add more.

  • The same thing I ask for every TGS..... suikoden 6. It's been a long 13 years and there are so many unresolved plot threads and geographical locations they've yet to visit.

  • Seconding Super Mario RPG 2. That's a good wish. Number one wish for me is a revival (not just a re-release!!) of Quintet's IPs. Starting with Actraiser and Soul Blazer.

    If I'm going for more realistic and no long shots... give us a Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel already! The characters are super lovable and Kid Icarus doesn't have an established formula in terms of design or mechanics that it is shackled to. It is ripe for creativity.

  • I'd be a hack if I didn't wish first and foremost for Super Mario RPG 2, that is a full sequel in the world of that original Mario RPG game made either entirely by Square Enix or partnered with Nintendo, with the characters original to Legend of the Seven Stars. So that.

    But that aside, sign me up for the Jet Set Radio train. It just feels like it belongs in this point in time, and they're losing money by not making a new one when stuff like Splatoon is exploding in popularity in Japan. Behind that, I'd love to see a remake of Mischief Makers for the N64 that could possibly lead to a sequel if it sold well, and even though I understand why it died, Snowboard Kids needs to find it's way back with a take on it's original artstyle since there's nothing else like it. And I'm sorry, not sorry, but Warioware is not a replacement for Wario Land, so if Nintendo wants to burp and fart out cruddy New Super Mario games, you might as well make those Wario Land games and try some fun new ideas out.

    Slightly more realistically, I'd like to see Assassin's Creed take a couple years off, so in the interim we can get a return to Prince of Persia. Along the same lines, after Fire Emblem Three Houses, I'd like to see FE take a break, so we can get an Advance Wars for Switch. The system is kind of perfect for that franchise, so it is silly when competitors like Wargroove are realizing this and making their own with Nintendo backing them up by advertising them in Directs, but the OG is still MIA.

    After all that, I would be curious to see Loco Roco return with a proper third game, but the time isn't right for that when Sony doesn't have their own handheld anymore really... unless they shook hands with Nintendo and released it on Switch as well as PS4 or PS5 with Sony finally embracing the option for gyro controls! Sony playing nice with competitors, now there's a dream! And while we're throwing out silly dreams, I just want the next Yoshi game to be "good", doesn't have to be the second coming of Yoshi's Island, but I want at least better than Wooly World with originality injected back into the franchise, instead of leaning on age old enemies and scenarios. Been a long time imo since we've had a "good" Yoshi game.

  • @mbun I loved woolly world so much...but I can totally see why fans of Yoshi's Island may not have. I love both but WW definitely is a totally different game in terms of art style, content and challenge. I would love to see them make 2 distinctly separate series with the woolly games focussing more on the puzzle-type bonus levels WW had in each world and the island games being more challenging platformers.

  • My great desire has always been a Xenogears remake. It's the least likely.
    Then a new Burnout and Katamari Damacy. More likely.

    And then a remaster of Mass Effect trilogy, so I don't have to pull out my ps3 to play my fave games.

  • I also like to wish for No One Lives Forever 1 & 2 remaster and sequel. It's about time.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I didn't dislike Wooly World like New Island or such, just wish we could see some of that creativity from Island and Story in there. Maybe don't reuse bosses three times and add lots of filler palette swaps again though. Sounds like we'll see the new game again soon when this Direct finally happens, and despite the Jones' rant the first look wasn't the worst, just seemed kinda like not a great concept at it's core, so hopefully they've spun that into something that clicks a little more.

  • I'd want a traditional platforming Banjo Kazooie sequel, a sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day, an HD remaster / sequel to Criterion's Black, and Beyond Good and Evil 2... wait. That dream came true. :-)