The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2000!

  • I've only played 3 and THUG2 personally but I feel like this game would easily make my list if I gave it a go based solely on how much I love those two.

  • A life changing series. I skate to this day, I went to university for media production because I was inspired by skate videos (Yeah Right!, Mouse, Fully Flared, BAKER 3, list goes on), I listen to punk, metal, hip hop, and uhhhh I play great video games. THPS2 is one of the best games ever made in my opinion. The series kept getting better ranging from THPS on PS1 all the way to Tony Hawk's American Wasteland at the bitter end of the PS2 cycle.

    This series has an untouchable flow and combo system and the foundation was laid in this game. I have to give it credit for a lot of great gameplay decisions, but one underappreciated thing is that when you press the START button, the menu appears fast. In a game about action and reaction, being able to jump into the menu and restart is such an important thing that sports games and arcade games still don't get right today. Those little details were more important when individual challenges were introduced in THPS4, but there was a lot of just sheer clean functionality in the THPS series.

    Neversoft are underrated. I miss them, but if they were around today they would probably be making Call of Duty which I don't exactly care for.

    This soundtrack >>

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Haven't had time to comment about Diablo II until now.

    It's one of my favourite games of all time so the fact it only made third place on my list goes to show how packed that year was for me!

    I fell in love with the gloomy, depressing, gothic atmosphere of the first game when I first played it on... PlayStation, then when I got my first PC I finally played it properly and finished it.

    It was also the first game I ever played online with a friend and it felt like dark magic, I distinctly remember my mom looking bewildered when I told her that other character on the screen was controlled by my buddy, from his own house!

    And then came Diablo II, and it was such an improvement over the first game, more character classes, a much bigger world, an actual journey, some of the best cinematic cutscenes ever made, a haunting soundtrack, and a continuation of the first game's tale in the darkest way imaginable.

    For those who don't know:

    The protagonist of the first game becomes possessed by Diablo and eventually turns into him despite struggling for weeks on end, and you are following his tracks throughout the entire game, learning of his evil deeds as you go.

    My necromancer character will always remain one of my dearest game protagonists, even though I probably botched his build compared to what min-maxers can do. But he was MY necromancer, with his own flawed stats, his own gear I acquired over dozens of hours, his own accomplishments.

    The gameplay is extremely satisfying and challenging, the procedurally-generated world is a delight to explore, a world of constant threat and unhappy endings.

    Diablo III never managed to recapture that magic for me, the story was unimaginative and way too fan-servicey, the locations uninspired, and the art style lacked the dirtiness of the first two games. I'm very excited for the inevitable Diablo IV, hoping that Blizzard will realize what they missed and give us a new harrowing tale to get lost into. Blizzcon, make it happen!

  • And the second of what I feel like are the "main-stream known" games has been revealed! I have memories of owning a Tony Hawk game and having a moderate amount of fun with it, but I did NOT vote for THPS 2 because I can't remember WHICH Tony Hawk's game it was. Regardless, a good series at the beginning of the decade before crashing and burning in one of the most bizarre trash fires I've seen in recent years.

    And as I said in the Playstation Classic thread: This really needs to be one of the 15 unknown games, regardless of licensing.

  • Played a lot of THPS2, it came out at when I didnt play games for story, mostly because I had more time and because I was in 8th grade

    Looking back at my list The Sims is the only one I played in the year (or around the time in general) it came out, the next one I played probably wasnt until 2005 or so with Skies of Arcadia

    Id be curious how many people played their votes around or when it came out

  • I only played these games with friends but never cared to buy a copy myself. Looking back, it's weird how popular these games were, even by people who don't care about skating.

    @acardattack said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2000!:

    Id be curious how many people played their votes around or when it came out

    Only Spyro 3 for me.
    I also voted for Pokémon Gold which I played when it came out in Europe in 2001.
    The other games on my list I played around the mid to late 00s except for Persona 2 which was only 2-3 years ago.

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    THPS 2 are a great game, that said, it is still a bit rough and I prefer the underground series. But the music and the hours of fun I got with it, made it a HM in my list.

  • Man, the old Tony Hawk games are so good. THUG 2 is my first entry in the series, and i absolutely loved it, like many others it got me into the world of skateboarding and despite my lack of athleticism, i enjoyed my time as a child trying to actually skate. The games themselves were just ridiculously fun, defying the laws of physics has never been so cool when you're up there doing 900 flips and grinding your way all the way through the levels. I played THPS 2 a couple years ago, and i expected to encounter some jank but it's pretty amazing that it still holds up very well despite the later games adding bits of improvements here and there. Just goes to show how strong the core formula of the Tony Hawk games are.

  • Also, want to praise THPS for being, ya know, FUN. Sports games these days are waaaaaay too serious and I appreciated that they went for gameplay first and settled with an arcade style game.

    THPS, Burnout, Blitz, NHL Hitz, NBA Street, I can go for any of these to come back.

  • Pokémon Gold and Silver

    #5. Pokémon Gold and Silver - 32 points


    #1: 4 (SabotageTheTruth, naltmank, Bigdude1, tokeeffe9)
    #2: 2 (Brannox, Lotias)
    #3: 1 (Hanabi)
    #4: 0
    HM: 1 (NeoCweeny)


    Release date: October 15 [US]
    Developer: Game Freak
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Genre: Role-playing
    Platform(s): Game Boy Color



  • I was curious where this was going to place, be it top three or five, and now we know! I'll try to keep it brief and not repeat common cliche points but for me:

    • Love the introduction of colors. Really made these games memorable.
    • While the introduction of many new Pokemon were interesting (especially Steel types. Love 'em), there are few Gen 2 pokemon I care anything for.
    • REALLY love the implementation of Team Rocket (though I wish they were a little more present). That said, with the exception of ONE dude in Kanto, their complete disappearance was a slight bummer. SPEAKING OF KANTO....
    • I got a big kick out of Lance being the Champ, and Koga being in the Elite Four, but seeing Kanto two years later was a nice shock, but it's underwhelming how there's... less... than in Gen 1 (Yes, I know it was due to the limitations for the cart), but still: WAY less grass patches, fewer trainers (and not challenging ones at that) and the Gyms, while a nice trip down memory lane, were slightly underwhelming with the exception of Gary/Blue/Whatever you named him. Several of them were just leaders. Wah-waaah.
    • Personally, not big into breeding/berries/etc., but hold items are awesome.
    • Red is a reeeeaaaal good fight.
    • And because I feel like it: Typhlosion, Ampharos, Scizor, Tyranitar, Octillery, and Lugia

    And finally, you know it's coming: Shout-outs to @NeoCweeny, @Hanabi, @Lotias, @SabotageTheTruth, @naltmank, @Bigdude1, and @tokeeffe9!

    Long live Gen 2.

  • Not gonna lie, gen 2 isn't my favorite. I played pokemon Red as a kid and fell in love with the series, and that love was intensified a hundredfold when I got Sapphire a few years later as a Christmas present, but with Gold it was my brother's game and I only got to play it in spurts growing up. Did eventually play it for myself down the line and I'll admit as much as I prefer Sapphire, GSC is probably better. I mean, it actually has a day/night cycle for one thing.

    Also seeing this absolute barnstormer only get #5 makes me really worry for my #4 pick.

  • Gen 2 Pokemon games aren't what I'd consider the greatest RPGs of all time, but they're easily my favorite games ever made. They are so important to my childhood, and I've easily put over a thousand hours into them collectively. Replayed them on 3DS a few months ago and I still feel they hold up. Some of my favorite sprites in history, and the colors just really pop. The last Pokemon games that put the adventure first and foremost, and let the story serve as a basic structure to tie the world together. God I love these games.

  • @chocobop said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2000!:

    @axel As the sole person to put Perfect Dark as their number 1, I feel the need to extol its virtues. Or maybe instead of proselytizing the game, I feel I should at least take the biggest initiative with regards to providing warmth and comfort for everyone who has posted comments of appreciation for Perfect Dark. For those who don't understand the situation, it is like this: Goldeneye has so overwhelmingly overshadowed Perfect Dark in both popularity and remembrance that fans of PD are somewhat of a minority subgroup who often feel a kinship and a need to band together. (Calling out @E_Zed_Eh_Intern @Oscillator @NeoCweeny @Hidz @Inustar @Bigdude1 @Ringedwithtile @DIPSET and anyone else!)

    I understand why people would prefer GoldenEye over PD.

    James Bond, classic spy atmosphere, straightforward gameplay, simple structure. It's a better defined game that speaks to the masses more.

    It's clear how PD's futurism, advanced mechanics, intense vibe, and layers of menus and options can overwhelm.

    The framerate certainly doesn't help, of course...

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    YES! I am a big fan of gold/silver. I remember getting my cousins to get the games after I had showed them red. We spent a summer playing, trading, dueling a whole summer. This game gave me a sense of adventure and it was so special discovering Johto for the first time. Seeing the world and pokemon in colour made it extra special as well. There are few games that I remember exact places I were when I played them and what was happening around me. I am still jealous that one of my cousins managed to get one of the legendary dogs.

  • There were so many little improvements and additions in Gold/Silver that made the game a whole lot better than the first game.
    The post credits stuff was the best thing about the game for, it blew my mind as a kid.

  • Gen II Viridian Forest will forever amuse me.

    Viridian Forest Gen II Map

  • Ummm I honestly thought the only Pokemon game this year was stadium. Glaring omission on my end. This is an all time favourite for me.

  • Gold and Silver are hands down the best in the series. the addition of eggs, time of day, 2 regions, over 100 new Pokemon, events based on days of the week. After i finished the lengthy game i still just kept playing for hours. there was just so much to find and the story was gripping for a Pokemon game.

  • @acardattack said in The EZA Community Top 25 Best of 2000!:

    Id be curious how many people played their votes around or when it came out

    7 out of my 8 I bought launch day, the only one I didn't was Chrono Cross as it never released here in the UK. I imported it around 2004 I think.