Where can I legally download marketing material of older games?

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    Among other reasons, Life Is Strange 2 is coming up and I've been making a tribute video to Arcadia Bay accompanied by a script detailing why I like the town so much. In my script, I make references to other video game settings like Arkham Asylum, Rapture, and Shadow Moses (the context makes sense, trust me). The problem is that I only have the ability to use the built in video capture feature from the PS4.

    It's easy enough to get footage of my games using that, but I can't capture footage of these older games. I refuse to steal from anybody. It isn't an option. I just need a shot or two so I'd like to find an official trailer and insert it in, but where do people download trailers from nowadays?

    IGN seems to only have the download option for newer stuff but not everything. I'd like to put in a shot of Peach's Castle from Super Mario 64 but - again - I can't use somebody else footage so I'd like to use a trailer or something that is for the mass public. If I Google "Super Mario 64 trailer" I get a bunch of YouTube videos but nothing official obviously because of its old age.

    Does anybody have suggestions for me? I swear this was much easier back in the day. I think GameTrailers had a download option on every trailer. Gamersyde was always reliable so I'll check there too.

    Its been a while since I've made a video for fun. I chopped up trailers to different music back when I was in middle school and I've long let that hobby slide.

    Thanks for any and all responses.

    EDIT: If it comes down to me having to use another person's video footage, do you think an lower third saying [SOURCE: www.IGN.com/supermario64streamblahblah (IGN)] is credit enough? I am not going to monetize or even share this video necessarily, but I want to do it properly.

  • I wouldn't worry about having to download trailers from third-party sources. They don't own that footage any more than you do.

    If you download the Bioshock Trailer from MegaGamer32 on Youtube, big deal. The same with any cutscenes you want. Just rip them from a playthrough. You're being creative with it, you're not just trying to pass off that video as your own.

    The only line I would draw is gameplay, but even then, I think a simple message to the user saying "Hey, I'm using your footage as part of a tribute video I'm making. Thanks's for recording it." Maybe toss them a dollar or two if they're an active channel a Patreon or a Twitch channel or something.

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    Well, there used to be this website called gametrailers where you could do some of that. :p

    But on the whole a great deal of marketing material is constantly being tossed out and lost to the wind due to not being documented and archived

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    I glossed over your quandary involving the citation of sources. With video things are always kind of strange:

    Citation lends itself towards an understanding of the fair use doctrine, but the robots that control youtube's algorithms can be butts all the same with regard to detecting who owns what. That said, it's always, always a good practice to cite your sources.

    Generally speaking I'd advise using the absolute minimum amount of audio that you can from sources that you might not have a proper license to, as the robots listen more than they watch. If you're working with something that was produced for mass media, like an actual advert, I would generally say you're probably fine to use it as it would generally be considered a sort of "primary source" that has it's own historical context.

  • @ochi

    GameTrailers was the source of my game trailer downloads that I used to cut up into montages when I was in grade 7 and discovered editing software. Simpler times.

    I think I'm going to take some video from a few sources and cite them. I don't intend on using their audio if I ever upload to YouTube.

    So much has changed since 2007 when I'd do this on the regular. Almost an entirely different internet for that matter.

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    I just remembered: one of the youtube channels I watch literally provides some of the service you need on one of their side channels:


    It's a channel exclusively with broll and older advertising matertial

  • Check https://twitter.com/VGArtAndTidbits for all the great old material they scan. They make it a point to get hi-res scans of printed material (mostly Nintendo) that hasn't ended up anywhere else.

  • Subscribed and book marked.

    These are amazing resources. I'm glad I asked. Just ordered a mini-condenser mic off of amazon so I can stop borrowing from work. Probably won't end up sharing my video until my friends feedback, but I do think I wanna continue dabbling in the verbal essay meets love letter to video games kinda thing. A lot of people are doing it these days and they are a good counter to the click bait broken telephone YouTube "news" that are also popular.

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  • The Video Game History Foundation has an archive dedicated to media and promotional materials; you might be able to find what you need through them. They also have a patron-exclusive Discord, which might help.