Your Own Personal 'Games List'

  • Hi everyone!

    Not sure if there is already a thread on this sort of thing, but I've just been updating my own personal games list to include games like Octopath Traveler and Spider-Man and I was wondering how many of you wonderful allies have a gaming list of your own - as in a file or a notebook or something where you write down all the games you have ever played?

    I only started to put mine together a few months ago during a few quiet hours at work: it was really fun casting my mind back to my childhood, and trawling the internet for information on games like '102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue' and 'London Racer II'!

    For my list I use Excel to create a spreadsheet, and divide games into 5 different categories:

    a) Finished (or happy with the time I've put in)
    b) In progress
    c) Should probably get back to and finish off
    d) Owned, but haven't started
    e) My wish list! (old, new or future games that I really want to check out at some point)

    I also have a ranking of whether or not a game is in my personal Top 20 games of all time and, if so, where it ranks in that Top 20!

    So yeah, just wondering if you have your own personal games list and how you organise it. Might be fun to post pictures of them too and see how they all compare!

    Thanks folks - L&R!
    Rory :)

  • Here's my wee list in action - sorted by franchise! :)

    0_1536740013590_Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 09.09.18.png

  • Very cool!

    I use Backloggery, it's pretty cool and is easy to maintain. You can also sort your games by completed, in progress, wishlist, etc.

    It's missing a few bells and whistles like release date or your top 20 for example though.

    I didn't go back to my NES or SNES days when filling it up, too many holes in my memory!

  • @axel woah, Backloggery looks really, really cool - maybe I need to get in on that too!

  • I use excel, different tabs for genres, and then a tab for me to play, and I have those somewhat ranked in order I want to play

  • As said in the Completed Games thread, I use HowLongToBeat. I've not gone back to my childhood, but that's mainly because I completed very, very, very few games as a child.

    Also, 102 Dalmations Puppies to the Rescue is a really really really fun game.

  • Evernote is a great free app if you are a student or in some sort of management type job where you need to keep track of odds and ends.

    It's simple and not as thorough as Google Docs, but if you need a simple check list to organize your video game backlog, upcoming games, or everyday life like a weekend to-do list, it's pretty great. Problem with the free version is that you can only sign in two times.

  • Personally, I have a few lists within two documents.

    The first, and much larger one, is my Top 30 games of all time list I created WAAAAYYY back when the top 100 thread got put together. I thought it would be a good idea to keep it and modify it as necessary, and so far that's been a good call. Within that same Word document, I have GOTY lists from recent years to not only help me sort my feelings on what my favorites of the year were/are, but it's also a good reminder of what I played. (This year though, it's rather.... scarce).

    My other document is an excel sheet of what I'm anticipating. I order it by priority, but each entry is the name, how much I can get it for, what system I want it on, and when I can get it. This keeps me from forgetting some of the lesser hyped titles and helps me allocate when to get what.

  • I have a list of favorites and a list of stuff I want to play, both are organized by debut year, and I've been trying to go through my to play list in chronological order if possible. Been working through the mid-90's of late.

  • (Ordered by priority)

    Currently playing:

    Alien Isolation (Xbox One)
    Breath of the Wild (Wii U) [Master Trials DLC]
    Super Smash Bros. For Wii U (Challenges)

    In-progress backlog:

    Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox One)
    Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Xbox 360)
    Tony Hawk's Project 8 (Xbox 360)
    Cuphead (Xbox One)
    Metroid Prime (Wii)
    Okami (Wii)
    Perfect Dark (N64) [Mission target times]
    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (Xbox One)
    Dirt Rally (Xbox One)

    Yet-to-start backlog:

    Halo 4 (Xbox 360)
    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments (Xbox One)

    Ongoing casual play:

    The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One) [Multiplayer only]
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360)

    Post-backlog plans - A bunch of Switch games, Planet Coaster (PC)

    Desire index - Pikmin 4, The Elder Scrolls VI

    As for a list of every game I've ever played...I've played half of the Nintendo 64's entire library, so that's not happening. XD But I could potentially make a list of every game I've completed. The only physical list I maintain (my backlog was all in my head until this post) is my top 30 games of all time.

  • I only have a list to keep track of recent games that i am interested in but haven't bought and played. Currently it's like this (in order from the most important):

    Dragon Quest XI
    Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice
    Valkyria Chronicles
    What Remains of Edith Finch
    Detroit Become Human
    Donut County
    Lumines Remastered
    Horizon Frozen Wilds
    Prey Mooncrash

  • I have a backloggery profile:

    I also used to make an excel sheet but didn't manage to maintain it.