The Toxicity of our City

  • I've seen a lot of articles floating around lately in regards to the steps Blizzard is taking to reduce toxic players in Overwatch. Ever since I first stepped in to multiplayer gaming with Halo 2 way back when, I can recall instances of people getting extremely frustrated and vulgar and just overall stepping over the line. So my question is - do you honestly think there's anything a company can do to curb this sort of behavior? How do you usually react when faced with a person acting out?

    Personally, I think no matter how much "reporting" a company allows its players to perform, it will always be an issue because it's unfortunately human nature, some people are just asshats. My favorite example was a game of Awesomenauts. I dropped into a match that was halfway complete, with my team losing. I help the team make a valiant push, nothing is being said over mic to the point where I assumed no one was even using one. Unfortunately, the push came too little too late and we start losing again - it becomes apparent if we don't change something fast, it's game over. All of a sudden, one of our teammates just starts going ballistic over the mic, saying we're the worst team he's ever played with, how stupid all of us were, and then descending even farther into madness. I immediately stopped fighting the enemy, went over to our base, and just stood there, listening to the rage. We were going to lose anyway, I may as well prove him right and be a terrible teammate.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Omg, you are one of those guys that just go stand in the base and do nothing. Let me tell you that by doing this you are nothing better than the raging guy. At least you can try to ignore that guy, or it you can't do that, use this new thing called "the mute button". I despise more people that rage quit or just stay in base than those who complain and curses everyone. At least he's still playing thr game (even if in a bad way), as do the other players who were probably stuck with you two in that case.

    I agree that toxicity is a problem in multiplayer games, and there's probably no perfect cure for it. However I can condone some anger in ranked games, while the "we lost anyway. Might as well quit" attitude is the worse of the two. There are other players in that game and a defeat is still part of it. If you don't want to lose, don't play the game. And if you don't want to hear others rage, use the bloody mute button.

  • @Nillend Just a few details that I admittedly left out of the initial story. We weren't playing ranked. Our base was already down to a few ticks of health. I had already listened to him yelling and screaming for about 5 minutes, I didn't immediately just stop playing. Once I realized we had lost, I just showed him my defiance. There was no coming back from our position, even if we were a solid team properly communicating. Serenity now.

  • I absolutely encourage, for myself mostly, to mute anyone that negatively impacts you. I'm absolutely someone who gets angry and rages, and there are days where I leave voice chat and text chat completely to just focus on the game.

    Often I'll switch and play a few games of Rocket League, then hop back into Overwatch. I'm the sort of person that can't help but take the game seriously. I can't be satisfied watching my team lose, knowing what people should do, and then doing nothing.

    I've played an extensive amount of League of Legends & Dota, and so learning the different heroes comes pretty naturally to me. I can play each of the characters at a competitive level, and I tend to forget that there are plenty of people who aren't that into games. They are good at a few characters, and yelling at them to switch to a tank or healer might not work out because they are terrible.

    Shrug - It's tough, but I definitely think your mentality drives everything. Letting that person get to you is what is ticking you off.

  • @SabotageTheTruth ok. Thx for explanation. Just pls don't do it in the middle of a game. :)

  • You can't fight human nature. Really, the best solution for someone being a dick is to just mute them.

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    @DeweyDTruman said in The Toxicity of our City:

    You can't fight human nature.

    Try telling that to the people on social media.