Dragalia Lost (iOS/Android)

  • Just started in DL. Wanted to make a thread for us to make friends and communicate easily as opposed to adding a bunch of complete randos.
    My friend code:


    Post any advice you can!

  • I'm tempted to play it but the install size is around 2GB and my phone can't handle that :/

  • iono how long I'll actually end up playing this but 41125570436

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    Just downloaded it. I never really keep up with mobile games and I’ve got DQ11 to get through but this looks cool so far. 70889557077

  • Anyone know if there will be an Easy Allies alliance? Just started the game recently, and I remember Ben saying he was playing it a couple months back.

  • @phobos I doubt he had the time to keep up with it. Mobile games like this really take alot of time to keep up with. I dropped it after a week, because it was destroying my phone's battery. As you can see from when the last post to this topic was before you bumped it, it isn't super popular within the community either, although I think a couple of the Twitch regulars do play it.

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    You can try reaching out to Ben on twitter and see if he has had the time to keep playing or in in an alliance. I played it briefly too and liked it but I can't really play any mobile games since it kills my battery quickly as well.