Magic Arena Open Beta

  • For anyone that may be interested the Magic Arena Beta was released a couple of days ago, it is basically a new platform for Magic The Gathering designed to be closer to what other online card games play like while keeping everything about Magic in place.

    I've given it a quick spin and it seems to be very much designed to ease new players in, and I haven't found any paywalls thus far, I have never really played other online card games so I can't provide much of a comparisson, that said as an experienced player of the game I much prefer the classic online server with none of the bells and whistles but this is Wizards attempt at making Magic reach a wider audience and I'm all for it.

    So if anybody is interested and may need some advice or just wants to talk about the game go right ahead, I'll likely be playing a fair amount and I should be able to provide advice.

  • Having Never played Magic before I'm really enjoying it. I'm noticing my mistakes and feel able to slowly improve. However, I wish there was a deck-building tutorial. I have no idea how to figure out what a good composition would be, so I'm relying on the starter decks for now. My one criticism is that it's very obvious when the other player has an Instant or a Flash to play. I'd like it if the game always made those pauses, whether you had something to play or not, as it would make it a lot fairer and harder to anticipate those cards coming out.

  • @hazz3r I think deck building is a mess right now, mostly because the interface in the deck editor is just not clear, deck building in itself is already a kinda complex subject and heavily dependent on strategy so I too hope we see some changes to that.

    I also agree with your second point and I think it is one of the main problems with making the game more automatted and requiring less clicks, in the old platform you'd be able to set stops after every single step and it would only keep going until you said it was ok, this is definitively less flashy and can make games drag a bit but it allows for more direct control from the player as well as introducing a bluffing and posturing factors in similar ways to what you have when playing with paper, so it is an aspect that I enjoy and that may not be completely compatible with the direction they have with Magic Arena