Escapist website. What happened to it?

  • Does anyone here at Easyallies also go to the

    For the last 2 weeks the website has been giving me a 504 error saying that the server is no longer supported by the host. Then i read on Reddit that apparently the website is under new management now.

    Tonight i've checked the website again it looks like it has had a massive redesign and there is a button to visit both the old sites archives and forums, but is still giving me a 504 error.

    so basically does anyone here know if the escapist forums are still actually running or if they're dead now just like the forums are? the main difference is at least we had a warning when GT was about to die.

  • I tried to watch the newest Zero Punctuation last week but the site didn't exist anymore. I remembered it again yesterday, same result, so I checked their Twitter account and there was news of a new site for the whole Escapist thing. Don't know about the forums, sorry, never visited them.

  • Really only stayed around due to Zero Punctuation, all the other talent left a long time ago, not shocked they're having issues

  • the forums back up. :)