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  • If you are looking for a more social experience, then I recommend Werewolves Within. It's more complicated than Mafia, but less complicated than Town of Salem.

    Kyle played it on stream a while back, so if you want to know more then check that out.

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    I cant believe I havent created this thread before! I work with VR and really enjoy the medium as a whole. I think it can really add a lot to games, even though sometimes I worry that people put VR in "just because they can".

    I also think that if you enjoy VR, especially Playstation VR you should give Zone of the Enders 2: MARS a try. It runs soo smoothly in VR.

  • @el-shmiablo said in VR Allies:

    After the announcement of the Switch revision coming next year

    What announcement? Nintendo haven't Announced anything.

    the Switch revision news & speculation is entirely from 3rd Party source's

  • Oh... a VR thread? Great :)


    I have the Oculus with the Touch Controllers and 3 sensors to get full 360° Roomscaling. The technical limitations are obvious but still... I love it and played lots of vr games. I even watch sometimes youtube in my "virtual cinema". For me "real" VR needs a "virtual space" in which you can freely move around and controllers which allow you to naturally "grab" and interact with objects. You can achieve that with Oculus Touch and (to a lesser extend) with the Vive. Because of that and the worse technical limitations Playstation VR is nothing for me personally. But it is great that we have an somewhat affordable entry point into VR.


    I'm very looking forward to the 2nd Generation of VR headsets. The Pimax Headset seems to earn good first impressions (currently slowly shipping to kickstarter backers, commercial release early next year). The 200° FOV and 8k or 4k resolutions are a huge step in improving the visual quality and immersion. And they intend to produce a wireless version (I'm very sceptical that this will be achievable). And it still won't be massmarket, because of the needed insane hardware power in the pc to deliver the high resolution graphics. True 8k? You should hope to have two Geforce RTX 2080 TI in SLI in your pc. Bye bye hard earned money... :D


    In the current generation i tried many showcases and games. Never go with full stomach in "No Limits 2" on the VR rollercoaster. I also had with something like Google Earth VR or Tilt Brush huge success in impressing friends and family. If you don't like heights, better not try "Richie's Plank Experience".


    A must own VR title is "Lone Echo". Could even be a system seller if they had advertised it better. "Moss" and "Star Trek: Bridge Crew" should be also great. What I ended playing the most besides "Lone Echo" are vr games like "The Climb", "Arizona Sunshine", "Superhot VR", "Space Pirate Trainer", "Robo Recall", "Chronos", "Eleven: Table Tennis VR" or "SportsBar VR". If you want asian creepiness, maybe try "VR Kanojo". Even mobile titles like "Fruit Ninja VR" or virtual pinball tables like "Pinball FX VR" get a whole new dimension of fun through VR.


    Also "normal" games with VR Support can be really entertaining. Never play Alien Isolation in VR if you have a weak heart. "Minecraft", "Subnautica" or "The Solus Project" are also amazing in VR. Sadly I never had time to try Fallout VR or Skyrim VR. But the best traditional games for VR are still games with a fixed cockpit perspective. My brother as a passionate flight sim player got his Oculus for "DCS World" and uses it regulary. I mainly bought it for racing sims especially "Project Cars" and hesitate to play these kind of games without VR anymore if it is supported. "Dirt Rally" works equally great in VR. And I had some fun with "Elite Dangerous" in VR.


    And lastly the most "important" stuff... ;-) there are lots of games in the genre of "adult entertainment" available :D One of these games has the most advanced character creator of any game I've ever seen. No high budget mainstream RPG comes even close. It is insane how detailled you can create and customize indivual characters with this editor. So I got stuck for hours in the character editor (never was interested in playing the "real" game anyway). I love creating characters. To give you an example:


    Now imagine she stands in the virtual space in life-size before you. All the details, her clothing, the texture of her skin, the subtle movements of her body or face (for example her "breathing") and how she "follows" you with her eyes when you move around. It is uncanny we "real" a virtual character (which you just created in an editor seconds ago) becomes in VR. Same goes for VR movies... when somebody leans forward and comes "close" to you, your brain really thinks, somebody is invading your personal space and you instinctively you want to lean back... I tell you... the matrix is coming :D

    Oh and sorry for the loooooooooooooong post (including bad english as i'm not a native speaker)...

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    @yoshi Did you honestly think it wasn't going to happen? Either way I've decided to wait and am getting PSVR instead.

    Anybody play EVE Valkyrie? The prospect of VR space dogfights makes my pants tight.

    As for the prospect of roomscale VR... meh. What sold me on the idea of VR ages ago was a video of a dude who had modded Half-Life 2 so that it could be played in VR and he could do stuff like aim over barriers and lob grenades behind him while running away from enemies. The enhanced controls and true 3D experience are what I'm in it for.

  • @el-shmiablo said in VR Allies:

    Did you honestly think it wasn't going to happen? Either way I've decided to wait and am getting PSVR instead.

    people have been speculating about a possible Switch revision or "Switch mini" since like last christmas.

    i'm not saying it's not possible, it's definitely possible. i'm just pointing out to you that nothing has been announced or confirmed by Nintendo so far and at this point, a 2019 release is all entirely just rumor and speculation.

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    @el-shmiablo yeah i played EVE Valkyre, its solid. the problem with it are that the each level are so short, like they cut it off every time its getting interesting, which is a real shame.

  • I play mine a fair bit. REZ for one is outstanding and I much prefer playing Skyrim now that I'm properly immersed in the world.

    It's going to sound a little shallow, but I really have to pick my times for playing it as it royally fucks up my hair lol.

  • Oh ya, I forgot about Rez. That was really cool and the new level is awesome with it. I'd love if they went all out on another game but it'll be interesting to hear more about The Tetris Effect.

    Been busy the last few days and probably will be for the next week but I'm hoping to play a little more astro bots today.

  • @guthwulf When you say roomscaling does that mean you got a square to walk around in like the vive now?

  • @Bigdude1 yes... around 2.5m x 2.5m because i don't have more space in my computer room. To get a similar quality like the vive with full 360* you need 3 sensors in total, so you have to buy an additional one (default bundle has only 2 sensors).

  • I'm doing some renovations lately, won't be able to play much until the new year but REVII in VRis one of my favourite moments in gaming. I hope this is the direction REVIII and beyond will go.

  • I hope i can join you guys soon! There's more than enough reason for me to buy a PSVR, but man there's a lot of things going against that for me, mostly related to my environment where i live. I really want to play Firewall Zero Hour, Farpoint, Ultrawings, Moss and Astrobot; those are the ones i'm most hyped for. I don't think i'll be playing horror games (non-VR horror is already way too much for me lol), although i'm tempted to try Until Dawn Rush of Blood since i already got it from PS Plus.

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    So I guess Borderlands 2 VR is a thing.
    To be honest I might double dip for that.

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    PSVR anniversary sale on PSN. Lotta neat stuff on there.

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    Thinking the same, especially if it supports the Navigation controller (the nunchuk of the move controller) that most devs seem to forget about (looking at Doom VFR)

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    @dmcmaster I wish more devs would support the Move even in a non VR sense. It made Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 so much more fun.

  • Since this is the month of spooks, I really recommend checking out Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. I just played the first few levels the other day and it's a lot of creepy good fun. I'd just steer clear if you're afraid of clowns, there's a lot.

  • I will get a more detailed post out there eventually but I just platinumed Astro Bot Rescue Mission and I cannot recommend the game enough. It is so charming, creative and fun. Even if you don't have an interest in platformers, I still feel like it's a must have if you've got PSVR

  • this is hilarious:

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