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  • Brad has me covered and reviewed Astro Bot

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  • Lately used PSVR a bit. Played some Wipeout and Astro Bot and also watched a whole movie because I can just lie down and see it on "a bigger screen" just to try it out. Watched Wheels on Meals on DVD so image quality won't suffer or look bad but will try later on BD ones to compare how it fares.

  • This could be some interesting stuff for future VR content. There has been a massive Valve leak and it looks like they're making their own consumer VR product

    UploadVR - Sources: Valve Planning 135° VR Headset Bundled With ‘Knuckles’ Controllers And Half-Life VR

    alt text

    We’ve also heard the field of view will be 135° with “Vive Pro resolution.” It may also come bundled with ‘Knuckles’ controllers as well as a Half-Life based VR game that could be a prequel rather than the much-anticipated Half-Life 3.

    Definitely take with a handful of salt but there is definitely a lot of work on VR being done over at Valve.

  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission - Finally taking a little time out to write on this gem. This is easily one of my favourite games of the year. Last year I was pretty excited about Super Mario Odyssey. After playing that game, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed as I felt like there wasn't much platforming to do even though it was the best Mario ever felt to control.

    Now, a year on and we get Astro Bot and it's pretty much everything I want in a platformer. Basically, you control the astro bot in each level however you are also an entity yourself, another type of robot that you will see quite a bit. As astro bot moves forward you will too so the main thing you do is look around your surroundings. Each level is designed so well that you're constantly making sure you've checked every single detail as each level contains 8 astro bots you must rescue and a Chameleon that you must stare at for a bit. This feels perfect to me. While in Odyssey you had an insane amount of moons to find, at various levels of difficulty, here you have a very specific amount to find and it makes you want to go back and find anything you miss.

    On top of that, this is how you make a platformer in VR. Since your view is constantly on the move it makes the art of judging the jump so much fun. Sometimes you're to the left, other time underneath, above etc. It always just feels fresh. To add to it, they smartly give the bot a jetpack/laser boots so you can still judge roughly wear it will land too.

    The level and boss design in this game is outstanding too. Each level just feels so refreshing to play and they do a great job in mixing things up. And I haven't mentioned that you as the moving entity get items too. You will get grapple hooks, shurikens, water guns, etc that also add to each level in different ways and you as the player can be attacked with goo or hit by a cannon ball. It just adds that extra bit of depth that you're in this world too. Oh and again, the bosses in this game are so fun, each one is truly unique and looks amazing.

    The other thing this game has that I love is challenges. Again, my major gripe with Odyssey was that after beating the game, there was only 2 real challenges and one was just a beat all the bosses again run. In Rescue Mission, you are given a challenge for every chameleon you find. These will range from time trials to shooting galleries, boss fights etc. They were a blast to play through.

    I only have two real... I guess complaints regarding the game. One is that there is no real consistency to the levels. In one level, you're underwater and the next you're at the top of a mountain. It would have been nice to progress a bit more naturally but that's a small complaint with how excellent the levels are. The other thing is I can't believe there isn't a speed run mode or some type of leaderboards there, it's one of those little things that I think could add a lot of fun to some players.

    So you've surely noticed I've compared the game to Odyssey a lot and that's because this game is honestly that standard. It is fantastic and an absolute must buy if you've got PSVR, easily my favourite game on the system.

  • Superhot VR - I actually had no idea this had a campaign. I played it at a bunch of shows and thought Superhot was the campaign and the VR was just the endless modes but I was very wrong. It's maybe and hour or two long and it's exactly what you'd expect from Superhot if you've seen or played it.

    The cool thing that VR does is add a bit more intensity to certain situations. Without spoiling too much, there are times when you're told to do something to yourself and that just feels a bit more apparent in VR.

    Now Superhot VR is excellent and it's always the game I mention when people talk about VR but the PSVR version of this game is the worst from my experience. I just found several times that picking up things and throwing things just isn't good with the move controllers. It just doesn't feel accurate at times and I think that's a real shame as the game is excellent.

    I'd still recommend it, especially if you haven't played it on Rift or Vive but it's definitely the least favourable version for me.

  • Oh also, I want to mention I have played some more Firewall Zero Hour and it is a great little game. At first I really struggled just aiming properly and still kinda do I feel but I've focused on it a bit more and am taking things a lot slower and have found the game to be really intense and tactical. The best is if you do queue up with a team that is communicating as that's vital for both when you're alive and dead as you cans till guide your teammates around.

    I just need to put more time into it.

  • Been waiting for a decent sell on PSVR for a while now, looks like Playstation's Black Friday sale will have the PSVR headset,camera, Moss and Rescue Bot for $199. $199 has kinda been the price where I'd really consider getting PSVR, however now that I've played Tetris Effect I'm not sold on getting this bundle and I'm excited for it. I picked up a couple move controllers years ago knowing at some point I'd snag a PSVR.

  • @themarcv That bundle sounds great. I played a demo of Moss and loved it and I've already spoken very highly of Astro Bot. I don't think you can go wrong with that.

  • Banned

    I already have the camera and a bunch of VR compatible titles. Anybody know of any deals on just the headset?

  • @el-shmiablo

    I havent heard of any deals on just the headset. Like you, I already have a camera but I think your best deal for Black Friday will be this Moss/Rescue Bot Bundle. You'll get an extra camera which is whatever but you also get two of the better VR games so not too bad. You can probably sell the camera.

    If you really just want the headset you might need to get it second hand, im not positive if they still sell it alone. If you find a good deal on a new headset thats less then $200 let me know : D

  • Unsurprisingly, Beat Saber is a fantastic time.

    I mentioned before how I was a bit disappointed with how the move controllers were with Superhot and I'm happy to say that isn't the case here. I felt like they were very accurate with the motions I was making.

    I just hope down the road they can add expansions for songs from other games like Persona 5, Tetris Effect, etc.

  • Did anyone end up buying a VR headset during the sales?

    I had some friends over last week and we played Beat Saber, Astro Bot and Superhot. It was a blast to show to other people and watch people really get into those games.

    I've continued to play some more Beat Saber. The campaign has some seriously tough levels. Only miss one block, get over a score and have the arrow indicators disappear. I'm kinda worried the last few are just gonna be expert mode and I might genuinely not be able to finish.

    Also finally started Farpoint. Pretty interesting that you're not able to turn at all with the initial control scheme. You have to go into settings and you're given a bunch of options, small increment, big, smooth and able to adjust blur and speed. I've turned it into how I play RE7. Smooth and as slow as possible. Now, it's a lot faster than RE7 still but I've generally been fine with it. If I play for a bit too long, I do feel discomfort in my head, like pressure. A good example would be if you've ever done scuaba diving and just feel that pressure if you're a little under the weather. So hour bursts are enough.

    On the game itself, I've had a lot of fun with it. It's nice to use the aim controller a bit more, I really like that it has the time on your wrist in game, not even sure why I like it but it's great. I've found myself terrified in this every so often. If I don't spot one of those spiders and next thing i see is it jumping towards me... oh man, makes my skin crawl.
    The only issue I've had is something I really dig too. To change weapon, you put the controller over your shoulder and bring it back again. Sometimes I've done this and it hasn't switched controller. I just need to get used to the action.

  • So I did end up getting the Moss/Astro Bot bundle during black friday. Like most, my first couple of sessions were short and I got that VR uneasy stomach. However, after a couple days I had adapted to it and can play much longer without feeling uneasy. Funny enough I still haven't played Moss or Rescue Bot, I snagged some of the free stuff off the psn store and thus ended up getting a few games I played demos of. I got VR Worlds, SuperHot, Beat Saber, Rec Room and Ultrawings (it was in the flash sale). So far I've put most of my time into Beat Saber and Rec Room. Beat Saber is just really fun, totally reminds me of when I got really into DDR in highschool. Rec Room is a really interesting free to play vr game. Tried paintball, some of the co op games and the racket ball and had fun but i think i might kinda be done with it for now. I've really been enjoying it and glad I got the bundle. I still have a bunch of games i havent tried and games im still interested in checking out more like rush of blood, job sim and firewall.

  • @themarcv Nice, sounds like you've jumped straight in and have plenty of good games to check out.

    I've played most of the Beat Saber campaign now and I'm still puzzled by it. It's getting very tough now but it introduces these awful modifiers like you can't get over a combo of 25 or you need a min combo of 26 and max combo of 30. Just doing that goes completely against the game I feel. Really disliked those.

    I'm now at the stage of doing expert levels in the campaign and ya.. I'm scared. Gonna be tough :D

    Also played through Farpoint over the weekend. Probably around the 5-8 hour mark I'm guessing. I had to activate the back (right) analog stick to turn. It starts you off without being able to use it. I set it to smooth, no blur and 1 turning speed. If possible, one tip is that I'd have the camera above the tv. there are a few times when you have to aim up and I've the camera lower and I think that just wrecks it. The aim would go all over the place.

    On the game itself, I really enjoyed it. It has some nice expected narrative beats and is pretty forgettable story wise but it does a nice job in introducing new weapons and enemies to fight. I was surprised there isn't any real exploration which for me is a huge part of VR and the scanning could have added some cool exploration elements but it's just scan this thing and get the log.

    I was very surprised to see the game has online leaderboards, co op and I think deathmatch. Crazy considering how small the team is. I played one round of co op with a friend and it was pretty tough. I'm not that bothered to go back but pretty cool that it's there.

  • I read a thread on resetera called "PSVR is the best-selling VR headset of 2018 - SuperData" but honestly that wasn't really what I took away from the graph. Rift and Vive are seriously struggling, way more than I thought. I was hoping they'd both be selling 500-600k but they're at a combined 300k for the year.

    The promising thing is of course that PSVR is selling well and the Oculus Go numbers are good. That's pretty important as it's clear that the Go has some very cool tech in terms of tracking that all the VR headsets will need to look at for the next iteration.

    And of course... very curious to see if(when?) valve hit the market.

  • @tokeeffe9

    Yeah, I got a good amount of games to still try out and I'm personally just the type of gamer that has the means to pull the trigger on a game if I think it looks cool/interesting. I'm really interested in trying Farpoint and Firewall using that aim controller. Does that control have a joystick for rotating your view? The only game ive messed with that has first person movement is rec room. I don't mind the moving forward by pressing a button vs the teleportation (honestly haven't tried the teleportation method) but I do have a hard time positioning/rotating in that game. Not to mention I dont think they have a way to move backways. I often would not be able to turn enough to make it through a door way, since i cant just back up a few paces I end up having to 180, going forward two steps, 180 again and try again. Was thinking a joystick that controlled rotate could be helpful.

  • @themarcv The Aim controller does have a joystick at the top back of it which is the right analog stick. In Farpoint, you have to configure it in settings as it's initially turned off and has a lot of options.
    In Firewall, I believe you can only turn in increments but I can't remember if I checked that.
    Resident Evil 7 is another which has a lot of options for turning. With that and Farpoint, I went for smooth turning and slow and found that to be the best option for me.

  • Banned

    I think it is really, really, really dumb that the PS4 still doesn't support the navigation remote. It would honestly make playing VR games, especially first person games, a lot easier.
    I'd even love to see non VR games use the Move more. Playing Resistance and Killzone back on the PS3 with it was a blast.

  • Another PSVR sale