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  • So I did end up getting the Moss/Astro Bot bundle during black friday. Like most, my first couple of sessions were short and I got that VR uneasy stomach. However, after a couple days I had adapted to it and can play much longer without feeling uneasy. Funny enough I still haven't played Moss or Rescue Bot, I snagged some of the free stuff off the psn store and thus ended up getting a few games I played demos of. I got VR Worlds, SuperHot, Beat Saber, Rec Room and Ultrawings (it was in the flash sale). So far I've put most of my time into Beat Saber and Rec Room. Beat Saber is just really fun, totally reminds me of when I got really into DDR in highschool. Rec Room is a really interesting free to play vr game. Tried paintball, some of the co op games and the racket ball and had fun but i think i might kinda be done with it for now. I've really been enjoying it and glad I got the bundle. I still have a bunch of games i havent tried and games im still interested in checking out more like rush of blood, job sim and firewall.

  • @themarcv Nice, sounds like you've jumped straight in and have plenty of good games to check out.

    I've played most of the Beat Saber campaign now and I'm still puzzled by it. It's getting very tough now but it introduces these awful modifiers like you can't get over a combo of 25 or you need a min combo of 26 and max combo of 30. Just doing that goes completely against the game I feel. Really disliked those.

    I'm now at the stage of doing expert levels in the campaign and ya.. I'm scared. Gonna be tough :D

    Also played through Farpoint over the weekend. Probably around the 5-8 hour mark I'm guessing. I had to activate the back (right) analog stick to turn. It starts you off without being able to use it. I set it to smooth, no blur and 1 turning speed. If possible, one tip is that I'd have the camera above the tv. there are a few times when you have to aim up and I've the camera lower and I think that just wrecks it. The aim would go all over the place.

    On the game itself, I really enjoyed it. It has some nice expected narrative beats and is pretty forgettable story wise but it does a nice job in introducing new weapons and enemies to fight. I was surprised there isn't any real exploration which for me is a huge part of VR and the scanning could have added some cool exploration elements but it's just scan this thing and get the log.

    I was very surprised to see the game has online leaderboards, co op and I think deathmatch. Crazy considering how small the team is. I played one round of co op with a friend and it was pretty tough. I'm not that bothered to go back but pretty cool that it's there.

  • I read a thread on resetera called "PSVR is the best-selling VR headset of 2018 - SuperData" but honestly that wasn't really what I took away from the graph. Rift and Vive are seriously struggling, way more than I thought. I was hoping they'd both be selling 500-600k but they're at a combined 300k for the year.

    The promising thing is of course that PSVR is selling well and the Oculus Go numbers are good. That's pretty important as it's clear that the Go has some very cool tech in terms of tracking that all the VR headsets will need to look at for the next iteration.

    And of course... very curious to see if(when?) valve hit the market.

  • @tokeeffe9

    Yeah, I got a good amount of games to still try out and I'm personally just the type of gamer that has the means to pull the trigger on a game if I think it looks cool/interesting. I'm really interested in trying Farpoint and Firewall using that aim controller. Does that control have a joystick for rotating your view? The only game ive messed with that has first person movement is rec room. I don't mind the moving forward by pressing a button vs the teleportation (honestly haven't tried the teleportation method) but I do have a hard time positioning/rotating in that game. Not to mention I dont think they have a way to move backways. I often would not be able to turn enough to make it through a door way, since i cant just back up a few paces I end up having to 180, going forward two steps, 180 again and try again. Was thinking a joystick that controlled rotate could be helpful.

  • @themarcv The Aim controller does have a joystick at the top back of it which is the right analog stick. In Farpoint, you have to configure it in settings as it's initially turned off and has a lot of options.
    In Firewall, I believe you can only turn in increments but I can't remember if I checked that.
    Resident Evil 7 is another which has a lot of options for turning. With that and Farpoint, I went for smooth turning and slow and found that to be the best option for me.

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    I think it is really, really, really dumb that the PS4 still doesn't support the navigation remote. It would honestly make playing VR games, especially first person games, a lot easier.
    I'd even love to see non VR games use the Move more. Playing Resistance and Killzone back on the PS3 with it was a blast.

  • Another PSVR sale

  • Sticking to my word in the Last game you finished topic, I just want to mention Moss briefly.

    I would absolutely recommend playing Moss before Astro Bot. I think that game took a bit away from it as it was kinda this VR darling but then Astro Bot came along and for good reason really.

    Moss is a really solid game I feel. I like the storybook vibe they're going for, the animations, especially on Quill, are excellent and some of the scale is really good throughout. With the way it ends, it feels very much like a chapter so I'm really curious to see where they go with the next game and how like big of a chunk that will be in terms of the full story. This was definitely a good starting point and I hope with this experience and the progress VR games are making, they can really expand on the world and gameplay in the next one.

  • And with that, it's been quiet in here. I can't say I've done a huge amount of VR bar Moss in the last month or so.

    Did anyone pick up Ace Combat 7 and play the VR in that?

  • Iron Man VR seems way cooler than what the State of Play trailer showed.


  • Preordered the Oculus Quest and after it arrived on Tuesday I was only able to play yesterday. It is my first VR Headset and also was the first time even trying VR. Surprisingly I can wear the Headset without glasses, with me being slightly nearsighted. Set-up is very easy.
    Looks like I get motion sick very fast with everything that is not roomscale motion. Some rollercoaster game made me sick in like 2 seconds. Journey of the gods, a Zelda like game was okay in the Tutorial level but as soon as I was in the opening area that was not just an empty space… my stomach turned. Other demos on the Quest like Space Pirate Trainer, Beats Saber and Creed I liked very much and maybe consider buying a few of them. Tilt Brush was an instant buy and it is amazing how precise you can draw in 3d space.
    I heard 3D Movies are great in VR but from what I tried they still suck, and look like 2D objects arranged in a 3D space. If you are in a virtual cinema everything other that the movie looks more 3D… A 360° 3D video is also a lot better. I took some screenshots with Nvidia Ansel on PC, for games like Witcher 3, Hellblade and Mass Effect Andromeda that are 3D 360° and relatively high resolution and they look great.
    Still have to try stuff out. I want to stream PC games to the headset, maybe even some VR games but that might be a bit more complicated…

  • Interesting. I've been a little tempted to check out the Quest. I've been using VR for a while now so hopefully I wouldn't get too much VR sickness.

    I really need to see what games I can play on it that I can't play on PSVR. If you can play Lone Echo, I'd be very tempted

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    I guess I am very fortunate to not experience motion sickness in VR.
    Played RE7 for hours on PSVR and didn't experience so much as a rumbly in my tumbly.

  • Last couple of years I occasionally get sick going by bus or car so maybe I am prone to that kind of motion sickness though I hope I get somewhat used to it.
    Tried Rec Room VR, but only the character creation in the starting room. It was fun seeing the reflection of your avatar. By opening a drawer, a number of e.g. hairstyles is placed around your room and you put them on by picking them up and placing them on your head. That's really well done.

  • Blood and Truth is out today and reviews have been pretty good for it so far. Kinda forgot it was so soon. Think I may pick it up before the weekend.

  • Valve Index VR reports are starting to release:

    Valve Index VR Headset In-Depth Impressions!
    Youtube Video

  • Hmm, still unsure what benefits I would get from higher framerates, as my biggest issues with my headset would probably be screen resolution (screen door effect) and maybe even more those “god rays”, though both more noticeable when I watch videos in vr. I might disagree on the reasons given for higher frame rates in this video or I could imagine that problems with lower frame rates maybe only an issue in certain scenarios. But if I keep my current interest in VR and find limitations on the oculus quest, this would certainly be the best HMD at the moment, since with other headsets there is always a drawback and also they didn’t change much in the last years.

  • VR Baby!!!!
    Wanted to write about my experience with the Oculus Quest so far most importantly how playing/streaming PC games feels like.
    So I tried a program called ALVR, that you have to sideload on the Quest to stream SteamVR games to the Quest. Works pretty well, I can adjust streaming rate for better performance or a higher resolution. Setup is often a hassle cause you have to start the program on Quest and PC and then connect your headset and start Steam VR. Also Steam VR setup is cumbersome with the Quest. Then I tried it in conjunction with Oculus Rift/ Store games through Revive with not the best results. Some games don’t start and every game had a lot of jitter that I could not fix.
    Then the app Virtual Desktop implemented the opportunity to stream SteamVR games but with a easier Setup. Bought it on the Quest but I think the day before the developer was forced to remove this feature. Was upsetting but on the developer side you could download an update to restore this via sideloading. And setup is so much easier cause you can switch between desktop and VR view inside the headset and most of the Oculus Store also stopped having the jitter problems.
    I didn’t notice an input lag or latency, at least I am not aware of it but maybe it’s there and increases my motion sickness. But for most experiences it works good enough. You have to have a good wlan router (5GHz) and mine from the ISP sometimes interrupts the data streaming, with some frame drops or a distorted picture in the headset. Anyway, I could try a lot of free experiences, movies and games that I want to talk about some other time…

  • Some Games I played on Oculus Quest I wanted to talk about and some I should not:
    Superhot VR (Quest): is great. I was crouching on the flour to avoid gunshots. And in the middle of some shootout probably tried resting against a virtual table and fell. Still didn’t find the level select.
    Vader Immortal (Quest): Not a Star Wars fan, but the 40min adventure was quite entertaining. One vs One light saber battles are okay and there is a arcade mode where you deflect laser shots from flying drones. Cross buy with oculus rift so could play it on Quest and PC. Sadly the “high” graphics setting introduces Jitter.
    Elite Dangerous (PC Streaming/Steam VR): Been to much time since I played the game so I don’t know what to do. But looks great and Menus pop-up when you look at certain parts of your cockpit. Would play it more, but was already at the center of the galaxy, so I know what is there! ^^
    Project Cars (PC Streaming/Steam VR): Still had a copy I never really played because the game is not that fun, especially the career mode. But graphics are great and it runs really well. Look very nice when it starts raining and time of day changes.
    Dirt Rally (PC Streaming/Revive): Game only works with Oculus Rift headset and you have to patch it to get the Steam Version running in Steam VR… but it does not. Constant jitter makes it unplayable and I tried everything to get rid of it. Its only okay if you reduce graphic settings to very low. My very favorite racing game and I can’t play it! There is an official oculus version but I will not buy it again if I don’t know if it works.
    Google Spotlight Stories: A number of individual short stories. Some cute, some sad and some just meh. Best ones are Age of Sail and Pearl. It got a little wet behind the VR glasses
    Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice VR (PC Streaming/Steam VR): Bought the original game, have the VR version. Looks interesting. Will maybe play again.
    3D Games?!: Was on the quest to play games in stereoscopic 3D but there are not a lot that outright support it. Played around with reshade, a program normally used to improve graphics and somehow able to implement 3D in certain games. Quantum Breaks works somewhat but looks not so good.
    Rise/Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PC): Would you believe it? Both games have an option to play in stereoscopic 3D. Looking very fine, though resolution takes a hit, even when streaming in 4k. And one DLC of Rise is in VR and you walk around the Croft mansion … but only in first person, so what is the point.

    Played and experimented with lots of other things. Some certain things I will never forget. Them glorious Oled screens of the Quest burned those images directly to the back of my eyeballs. How can I ever go back to 2D. How! And the worst part is: I like it!!! You get used to it pretty quickly.

  • Sounds like additional content to the original story as opposed to furthering it. Pretty cool but I'd also love to know if they have any plans to continue Moss