VR Allies

  • I picked up a Rift S on Black Friday and have been loving my time in VR land so far. I’ve played a little Fallout 4 VR just to see what’s it’s like. It’s a little clunky. But not played enough to know for certain.

    I’ve played mainly Standing experiences, thanks to the VR Essentials pack on Steam.

    Superhot VR was incredible. So much fun. Really had to work hard for some of those wins towards the end.

    Beat Saber. No introduction needed. What a great rhythm game. There’s a few stipulations in the campaign that I really don’t like, like “minimum arm movement”, but it’s nice that the game doesn’t lock any of the game behind progression in the campaign. You can play all songs on all difficulties with all modifiers right from the beginning.

    Pistol Whip is super fun. It’s a mix of Superhot VR and Beat Saber, made by the people that made Call of Starseed, which is known for its high production value. I’ve had to work harder in this game than any game so far but it’s really rewarding. Probably makes you feel more like John Wick than a John Wick simulator could.

    I also tried Sariento VR for all of 15 minutes. Not a great first experience. I might pick it back up out of curiosity, but certainly wouldn’t consider it an Essential.

  • @scotty

    So I'll just start off by saying that I do really dislike the move controllers, I've said this before and will continue to. The tracking (whether it's my setup or not) is just really rubbish at times and unfortunately that's the same here.

    The other big negative for this game is that once you've picked a difficulty, you're set. They patched in a Hard difficulty and I just went with that but due to the tracking, I had a good few moments where I was pretty frustrated due to getting killed pretty quick and the rough tracking.

    Now with that out of the way, I think the game is kinda what you'd expect, just a constant blockbuster once you're in gameplay. It really digs into the cockney gangster scene while going a step further in terms of international organisations. Game is mostly pretty well acted and does have a lot of story moments in there.

    The gameplay itself is a mix of high octane action, think a lot of setpieces with slow motion or driving sequences, sliding sequences etc and you move around from cover to cover.

    The other thing I found difficult is aiming down sights, I was kinda similar with Farpoint and Firewall but I felt it was most difficult here so I usually stuck to machine guns as much as possible.

    But ya... I would say it's fun and I wish the tracking was a whole lot better. It's no Astro Bot in terms of Sony exclusives but it can be a good time for sure as long as you don't get frustrated by difficulty like I did.

  • @tokeeffe9

    Blockbuster part is what I want to hear. If I get PS VR with PS5, I will try it hopefully.

  • It made me even more tempted to look into Valve Index again... Half Life Alyx just looked so good and that system appears to really nail it's tracking.