Clapping should be discouraged as it invokes anxiety


    Clapping, and the noise that ensues is apparently now unacceptable according to a certain demographic.

    As someone who does actually suffer with quite severe GAD, I can't believe this.

  • "The policy was proposed in order to encourage the use of British Sign Language (BSL) clapping during our democratic events to make those events more accessible and inclusive for all. We are not banning audible clapping — we understand that some people may be more comfortable to continue using it.

    We have already received many positive responses from disabled students (some of whom are deaf or autistic), who are pleased to feel more included in our democratic process. Some of them plan to attend upcoming democratic events at the Union for the first time, thanks to this policy."

    Considering it's not a ban on clapping and is only for certain events, I don't see the issue if it allows more members to join in.

  • Didn't expect to see this topic on here.

    I mean, the obvious thing to point out is that, without an audible element, it excludes those who are visually impaired. It's not like regular clapping does not have a distinct visual element that those who are deaf can clock on to.

    There are so many problems that people with disabilities face at university, I don't really understand why anyone is wasting energy and/or time on this policy, that seems to do nothing but nanny those who are overly sensitive to certain stimulus, which in my opinion is a terrible thing to do. It completely removes an opportunity for someone with these issues to be able to face their sensitivies, and try manage their symptoms when they arise. A student union event should be the safest, most supportive environment to do this, and it's been taken away.