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  • The new series of Doctor Who starts on Sunday and I'm excited! It's going to be the first episode of Doctor Who featuring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor and I really can't wait to see how she plays the character.

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    Youtube Video

    I love these first episodes, because we get to explore narratively why the Doctor decided to regenerate the way he did. For example, Capaldi was actually already a character in Who, he played a senior townsperson in The Fires of Pompeii. And rather than just ignore it, they wove that fact into the narrative, with Capaldi spending a lot of his first episode asking himself why he chose this face, how he knew he had seen it before.

    So, not beating around the bush, this is the first time we've had a female Doctor, reason being that series writers have never considered it before, and I'm really hoping that this also gets woven into the narrative and we see some reasoning why the Doctor has made himself (or herself) the way he has has.

    Also, I really need Bradley Walsh to say "The Chase is On" at some point during this series.

  • Holy Budget Batman! Very impressed, incredible score, felt extremely fresh and set an awesome tone for the rest of the series.

  • Just caught up last night, and yeah, just about everything felt nice and fresh. That score probably hit me most of all though. The Doctor was awesome, I think she played the amnesia bit of the regeneration really well, and I'm really looking forward to these companions.

    Even the high-level construct of "Missing TARDIS" was a nice refresh, gives the series a nice Lost in Space-y vibe coming out of the gate. Really looking forward to how this all turns out!

  • @robbobwill

    I would like to hope that we see the TARDIS sooner rather than later. I’m really excited to see what this one looks like, and I’d really like to hear Graham go “It’s bigger on the inside!”.

  • As someone who has only seen the last season and after watching the first episode, ... I still don’t get it.

  • So, we just had the Series finale, not counting the special on News Years Day.

    Honestly, I'm disappointed. Watching Who has felt like a chore this season rather than the weekend event that I looked forward to every week.

    I really like Jodie. I think her Doctor is fun, but the writing has been atrocious. Rosa Parks episode could have been really good but the plot feels like just a lazy excuse to put Rosa Parks on screen. I felt like the Partition of India was a bit more inspired but ultimately nothing actually happened, the Doctor and crew had no real reason to be there. No one needed saving.

    It very much felt like the cast had lots of points of history they wanted to explore but no idea how to build a Doctor Who episode around it, and the writing comes off as lazy because of that.

    I have to say I enjoyed all the episodes that weren't historic, especially Arachnids in the UK and Kerblam!, and the finale was a really good surprise to end the season.

  • I don't know why I stopped watching Doctor Who, but this reminds me that I probably should get back to doing so.