Halloween Games 2018

  • Greetings Allies,

    I was wondering if anyone has any games they play during the month of October?

    My wife and I like to play through spooky (Costume Quest) or scary (Resident Evil 7) games during October. Do you have any traditions or games that you always play?

  • I don't have any yearly gaming traditions when it comes to October, I just attempt to try out whatever scary games I haven't been through already and immerse myself that way. Every 4 years or so, I do get an itch to play through Symphony of the Night in October, so that requiem edition is going to be perfect later on in the month.

  • Used to play Silent Hill 2 or every Halloween....before I had my current work schedule

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    Dead Space. Every year.

  • The past couple years I've done a Bloodborne run or tried to find a new scary game to play. This year I'm thinking maybe REmake or Amnesia thanks to @SabotageTheTruth haha. Dead Space sounds real good too now.. its been years since I last played that. I'm hesitant to start too many things with Red Dead right around the corner though

  • Every couple years I'll boot up Luigi's Mansion, because you can easily get through that in a night. The 3DS remake doesn't look great though, so I'd only recommend it if you have a Gamecube already. Hopefully 3 will be out before next Halloween and be good.

  • I enjoy checking out each year's Sh*tstorm of Scariness that Super Best Friends Play puts on every year (for the last 7 years). There's always new stuff in their lists and it's fun watching two scaredy cats get spooked in 30 minute increments.

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    I dont really have a specific go to game, but I tend to try and find darker/scarier games. I have just started Hollow Knight on PS4 and I am enjoying it quite a lot. this this will be what I mainly will be playing into November.

  • I want to find time to continue playing REmake or Resident Evil 4 this month. Both games i bought when i asked for recommendations on horror games a while back on this forum, and i really enjoyed both of them. It's been intimidating to go back, but i figure the spirit of October will help me ease in and have fun.

  • @el-shmiablo Yes! I will play Dead Space 1 at least every other year around Halloween

  • I definitely get in the horror mood in October, but there's nothing specific in mind, just whatever I'm vibing with at the time. Thinking of replaying either RE4 or FF2 this month.

  • I'm currently playing Grim Fandango for the first time ever. There are skeletons in that game.

  • This year my BF and I are going to play through Until Dawn. He's going to play the men, and I am going to play the women. Hopefully someone survives, but I'm not holding out much hope.

  • The evil within games are the perfect halloween games, plus RE1 and RE7, i actually never finished RE1,I'll give a shot this month.

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    @cptcobblepot It is just such a great game. Played it so many times I think I could beat it blindfolded.

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect was on sale at Store (ridiculously cheap 2,95 €), so I finally gave it a chance. I'm a ghoooost detective solving my own murder in Salem. The premise is neat, as is the milieu, but the game seems super easy. I finished the first level/case/mission, and this thing practically solves itself. You just go around collecting everything and then the connections are bound to happen sooner than later. But hey, I read about that beforehand, I knew what I was getting into, so I'm ok with this. The game's been puzzling me for a few years from time to time, and now that it was practically free I decided to go for it, to see what's the deal.

  • @sentinel-beach wow I completely forgot that game existed. I played it when it first came out, but I remember the story getting a little ridiculous, so I stopped caring. I might have to give it another go now though.

  • My roommate and I just finished RE7 in two sittings and it was a blast. Not perfect, but it'll get you in the spirit. An awesome throwback to Resident Evil 1 as well.

  • The Evil Within 2, great Halloween game, and ashamed at myself for not bringing it up yet. To me its the perfect little mix of RE4 and Silent Hill 2/3
    Also I'm seeing it pop up for like $20 at various places and 20 bucks for a fun horror action romp that will last a long weekend isnt too bad, plus NG+ and the shooting gallery

  • The Evil Within series is criminally underrated. I got my roommate to play through both back to back this month. I didn't exactly join him since I've played them recently, but yeah, I second or third that you should play this series. It is an almost perfect blend of intensity brought on by challenge and fear, as well as atmosphere and horror.