The 'Recruit Me!' Discard Pile! (EZA Podcast)

  • Hi allies,

    I'm sure I'm not alone in being a big fan of Kyle's 'Recruit Me!' segment at the start of the EZA Podcast. Love the challenge of coming up with a brand new, unique RPG character that could join the Allies on their quest. However, due to the need for the segment to be short and sweet to start the podcast, only one character makes it on each week, leaving many great ideas on the discard pile.

    Thought it would be fun to make a thread where we can post some of our favourite ideas that we've come up with, but haven't make it onto that week's pod. You can use the established format, but also feel free to give some extra backstory of your homemade character.

    Thank you friends,
    Rory :)

  • Think my favourite creation so far has been this travelling chef...

    Recruit me!

    • I am a Level 13 Veteran Chef travelling the world in search of the perfect Dragon Tikka Masala recipe.
    • I throw spices in the faces of my enemies to cause major status effects, and loudly bang my various pots & pans together to disorientate my foes.
    • Although I'm 62 years-old, I have the appearance of a portly young boy: the steam from my cooking keeps my face very young.

    My name is Chuck Dumpling, would you have me join this party? (After receiving praise for my cooking 10 times by one individual, I unlock as a romance option)

    Bit of a mixture of Sam Gamgee with some Ignis thrown in there, and love the idea of spices and condiments being used as weapons!

  • I am a space dog. Much like a regular dog, I provide companionship, unconditional love, and devotion.

    Unlike a regular dog of the non-spacefaring variety, I have a 200 IQ. I communicate through chemical secretions from glands on my tongue, which I also use in combat. So a bite from me could either be fatally poisonous, or cause euphoria.

    My name is Quincy Ruffington. I am clearly a platonic romance option, though I tend to gravitate to whomever has treats, so emotional fidelity can not be promised. Would you have me join this party?