Is Death Stranding actually Silent Hills in disguise?

  • I've tuned into this theory just recently, which apparently has been around for years, and I've become all but convinced of the idea that the whole Konami/Kojima feud and fallout is an elaborate ruse.

    I believe it's entirely probable that the whole situation is just an escalation of the Moby Dick Studios/Geoff Keighley/Joakim Mogren stunt - something new that Keighley and Kojima have been working together on, spreading the smoke screens and news around, with obviously some of the higher ups at PlayStation (Andrew House) being in on it from the beginning with the P.T. exclusive from yet another fake studio.

    For anyone interested and who has the time, I'll link to a couple of videos of the Death Stranding/Silent Hills theory that I've come across, which I would say seem believable enough that they may be considered possible spoilers for the game. They also tap into the stories and lore of past Silent Hill games and movies, so be warned for spoilers there too.

    They're long and have quite a bit of fluff, so I'll also jot down some timestamps that I found most interesting:

    Youtube Video – [31:20..]

    31:20 - 56:42 Aliens, Alternate Dimensions, Possession
    1:05:03 - 1:06:20 Umbilical Cord?

    Youtube Video – [02:05..]

    2:05 - 10:20 Kojima's Plans
    13:15 - 33:38 Sam's connection to Lisa in PT and reason for deliveries?

    What do you all think? Are we being played like damn fiddles?

  • I'd like to believe Kojima, Konam, Sony, and god knows who else created some elaborate marketing scheme that somehow intertwines into the narrative of Death Stranding, but nope. Doesn't make any sense to me. Silent Hill is Silent Hill and Death Stranding looks like it takes place in some Icelandic mountains or something. Ireland Hills maybe, but not Silent Hills.

  • @dipset After all the fake studios announcing his games previously, would you really put it past Kojima to take it further?

  • @dipset
    Having watched the videos in the past (mostly for laughs) the only way I can see Silent Hills connecting to Death Stranding is that it's a continuation of an idea Team Silent had for 4 which was that the influence of the town was slowly spreading to others, something sorta used in Homecoming, Downpours and I think Book of Memories.

  • @dmcmaster Have you seen the second video I linked that was uploaded 6 days ago? Particularly the 13:15-33:38 part, seems too perfect to be coincidental, no?

  • Watched it last night, been watching these guys since they were so dead set adamant that Venom Snake in MGS5 was Gray Fox

  • See I only know about Silent Hill 1 & 2 and know nothing else about the series. I somehow doubt the cutting room floor lore about Silent Hill spreading turned to the grassy highlands of the UK, clear skies, and sci-fi god-like robot monsters.

    I want to believe in some next level marketing, but it doesn't make sense. Too many people working in this industry for the secret to not slip up. Unless the director has all story elements under wraps and the team at the studio just does as they are told without context (been done before in film).

  • @dipset
    Like I said I mostly watched it for laughs, and I seriously doubt there is some big showmanship thing where Kojima will be like "Surprise I never left Konami, and Death Stranding really is Silent Hills " or something like that.


    The funniest thing that could ever happen. I'd buy 8 copies of MGS V Complete Edition and 17 copies of Death Stranding.

  • @dipset
    Spelling error but you know what I mean

  • I don't know you guys. Kojima has previously stepped out of upper management roles at Konami in order to be more hands on in the studio.

    He was VP of Konami Computer Entertainment Japan when it merged with other subsidiaries. As part of that restructuring he left that position and founded his own new subsidiary - Kojima Productions (does this scenario sound familiar?). He was later (2011) appointed VP of the entire Konami Digital Entertainment division of Konami. The president of Konami Digital Entertainment then asked him directly to direct the next Silent Hill game in 2012 (according to Kojima himself back then).

    So how does he pull it off? Well he obviously had the president of KDE on his side, and his 'former' Kojima Production staff who are currently, even now, working for him (along with members from the former Team Silent, I might add). He's had Geoff Keighley as a partner in crime for his ruses for years now. Remember the memes around Geoff and Kojima after this all started - how they've been together so much since then? Geoff would be the perfect plant in games media to be spreading all this information. We've even had Geoff talking about the timing of the P.T. announcement and how he knew about it years before hand. Finally, we have that odd video of Andrew House (then president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment) announcing a 'new' partnership with Kojima. I just re-watched it, and he can't help but crack up at the end of it when he's talking about Kojima's 'new journey'.

    His team and those 3 other people are all he would really need to pull it off. Geoff Keighley, Andrew House, and the president of KDE.

    In the end, it's all just speculation, but I sure wouldn't put it past Kojima given his penchant for mystery and subterfuge.

  • I don't think carrying over themes from a previous project necessarily means it IS that previous work.

    While I love Kojima dearly, the ruse cruise meme has kinda gone a little overboard in my opinion.

  • @dmcmaster

    No that's why its funny though. I'm imagining Kojima just botching that English.