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  • Nice writeup. I'm guessing there are very few allies that were gaming (or even around) in 1986. Hopefully blogs like this and the mini nes thats coming out soon will get more people into retro gaming. Actually, I really hope that a mini snes is on the way too.

    Would you recommend going back to these if people enjoyed more current versions? symphony of the night>castlevania, link to the past>zelda 1, super metroid>metroid. I happen to think that the old versions are outclassed in almost every way by the new.

    Anyway, I got into gaming in the mid/late 80s when my dad brought home a box with an nes and a bunch of used games. We had a few of the games on your list (zelda, metroid)....but I couldn't appreciate them at the time (too slow paced I think). I was pretty young so I don't know what year games came out....but according to google 1988>1987>>>1986

  • Thanks for reading!

    And yeah, I think I would recommend the original Zelda and Metroid to people who have only played the Super Nintendo, or even 3D iterations. There's still something uninhibited and risky about them, especially when compared to their SNES successors. Personally, I prefer The Legend of Zelda to A Link to the Past and Metroid to Super Metroid. I'll probably write a little about why once I get to the year Super Metroid came out. In short, I think the SNES made the games more handsome and gratifying, but far less mysterious and challenging.

    Castlevania I think is much easier to appreciate going back than the other two would be, given that it's a pretty straight-forward action platformer with wonderful music.

    And also, I guess it makes sense that '87 and '88 could be seen as better? I mean, all five of the entries in this blog are near or straight up masterpieces in my eyes. Also I think there are games in '87 and '88 that I'm just not as big on as some other people are, so I'm sure that's contributing to my ambivalence.

  • This thread just popped up on NeoGAF today about a bogus review of the nes in 1986: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1250775

    They say to pass on the nes in favor of atari 7800 or the soon to be released sega system. I don't know if we can post links on here but I thought it was too timely to pass up.