Bea, Haunted Kickstarter - FUNDED! (6 hours left!)

  • Kickstarter - Bea, Haunted
    A graphic novel about a young woman and the ghosts that haunt her.

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    I just wanted to help a little with spreading the word on this kickstarter. If you've been listening to the podcast lately, you may have heard of Bea, Haunted sponsoring the show. @Joetown (comic writer) and Tuna (artist) are working on the project and there is less than a week to go. Joetown also sponsored the EZA podcast back when his kickstarter 'Good Spirits' being funded and you can actually get that with pretty much any pledge for Bea, Haunted.

    If you've any interest in comics or graphic novels, I'd recommend at least checking out the page and any pledges would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  • Just under two days left now and about $3000 off reaching their goal!

  • Just the last push for Joetown's kickstarter. Only 8% left to go, please check it out!

  • Thank you Tim! We're close!

  • No problem dude.

    And funded now!! Still time to back if you're interested too.