EZA curates November games: What are you anticipating? What's worth checking out?

  • A thread for sharing new games coming out in November... what are you personal picks/interests of the month?


    Did you discover some small game that not everyone knows about?
    Share that and let us know what it is about!

    Already know a thing or two that interests you?
    Make a list (or a swanky desire index) of your interests and/or possibles!

    Don't know what's so great about an upcoming game you keep hearing about?
    Ask here!

    Don't follow gaming news that closely and just want to passively see what BigGames™ people care about?
    This is the place!


    Going into more detail:

    The basic idea is to list new games that you are interested in, as well as games you are potentially curious about or want to give wider attention to. You can briefly describe them or ask other people to help fill you in. The hope is that regular threads like these can act as a collective filter/discovery mechanism to help people decide what is worth checking out.

    "New games" means any new title that is being released or ported this month in any capacity (not "backlogs/what you are playing this month"). The angle here is sharing your anticipation and promoting game discovery (as opposed to sharing comments about a first playthrough in progress - that belongs elsewhere).


    • If you want a handy list that covers most of the major upcoming games of the month, here's one text list. Feel free to post other lists or list videos that you find useful.
    • Final request: If you are the first person to mention a game please provide (at minimum) a short sentence description. (If it is a very big AAA release though, then don't worry about it.) This is a good convention that makes the thread more useful as a discovery mechanism, and especially helps out anyone who doesn't follow the news as closely as you.

  • Actually don't have a ton of stuff coming out this month that I'm really excited for since I've decided to pass on Fallout 76.

    Tetris Effect (11/9, PS4) Honestly don't know a ton about this game. I know it has a bunch of new modes and a new mechanic where you can like slow down time and clear multiple lines. Otherwise it just looks like a really cool Tetris game, there's a demo out now as well.

    Wreckfest (11/20 PS4, X Box One?) believe this game was called New Car Game or something along those lines on PC for a while now. It's claim to fame with be the insane amount of detail they have for car damage. I wonder how well it'll run on a vanilla PS4 but I always thought this game seemed kinda cool.

    That's pretty much all I got for November.

  • Deracine (11-6) - The first VR game made by the Dark Souls/Blood Borne developers and it seems to share that same melancholic atmosphere and calming, moody soundtrack. I am very excited to delve into its world, uncover its secrets, and learn about the denizens of the boarding school.

    Tetris Effect (11-9) - It is Tetris, but made by the mind behind Rez. It is also in VR. Given the demo, I cannot wait to experience the Tetris effect in full.

    SENRAN KAGURA BON APPÉTIT! FULL COURSE (November, Limited Run Games Physical Release) - Senran Kagura has always been a fantastic series, despite what some vocal minorities may try to say. This is also one game that isn't affected by the asinine censorship pushed by the dummies at Sony. Culinary warfare is carried out via rhythm battles, and players who can create the ultimate Super Dish may be treated to a special feast for the eyes as well.