I want to make a Box Peek Fan Game prototype - let's dream

  • Box Peek's simple rules and great characters inspires and I think it would be really cool to make a small game where you can play box peek matches. Obviously if I had the resources it would be extremely cool to have all the characters and customize your own that would fit the universe and play increasingly hard matches against people of the different tiers the show lays out. The show does a great job explaining the rules and scope of the Box Peek game that can be drawn from.

    I've spent way too much time these past few weeks thinking about the game, scope, tech and tons of other stuff. My brain seems to like this idea way too much.

    My first two basic concepts are either a sidescrolling game:

    ..where you first see you and your opponents box and when it starts it zooms in on your box so you cant see whether the opponent peeks and then you can press space to peek or withdraw (after two seconds!). If you peek the camera zooms out to bring both into view.


    a first person 3d game where you are in the box and press a button to peek and withdraw and the camera pops and lets you see out

    This I feel is the MVP core gameplay to expand from. Let's see if I can play around in Unity and post something real at some point but the basics seem really simple and I've made 2 small commercial games before so I know how to make them if it comes to that but for now I'm just toying with the idea.

    I'd love to hear your ideas and takes on what a game could be like.

  • Kyle has said that the game would be boring. So if you make a game that has to be almost 0 matches of box peek amd made witg QTEs

  • @iboshow well we haven't seen what rule #3 does with the game yet :) and yes I'm more interested in building it than making a fun game but maybe there is a way to make it fun. I think casual fans could enjoy it for a bit.

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    Yeah I would play a Box Peek game! Why would it have to be boring? first person sitting in the box, feeling the tension. I think it can be fun for a while! get those points. Imagine it getting support for VR!

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    Who's the first person to make Box Peek VR in Dreams?

  • oh didn't get notified by replies. bummer.

    @lotias exactly! I don't mean it'll be a huge success. Just a fun thing for fans of the game for a few minutes.

    @tokeeffe9 good idea! when its out :)

    Here's a couple of quick high concept sketches of the two perspectives to show how it could work.

    Concept 1- Sidescrolling
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Concept 2 - First person
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Heh. I've daydreamed this too.
    Think it would be cool to focus on the drama, rather than recreating the "real experience of the real game."

    ie, I imagine when you are inside the box, you'd have a third person camera showing you huddled. Camera panning around slowly. cutting to close ups of your haunted eyes. close ups of the hair on your arm raising. close ups of your fingers tracing the inside of the box. etc. Like an procedural movie that is telling the story of your tension.
    +Maybe offer an overload of zany controls based on elements of the tension, that you have to overcome to work up the will to peek. golf-swing-style-sliders, quicktime event buttons, camera changes, and meters to hammer to fill up. etc.

    Then when you peek, play a quick cut scene celebrating the power explosion of daring to attempt a peek.
    And then switch into a first person view aimed the other box. Change the gameplay focus to picking up details of your opponent. Highlights, outlines, arrows and other UI flourishes flying off their box - all adding up to a puzzle of whether/when they are about to peek too.

    anywho. wee.
    To be honest, i daydream more about making a tool to make it easier to make the episodes (like the software South Park uses). So Kyle could produce more episodes (not sure how important it is to him to keep the washed out flimsy cut out aesthetic). or it could be a tool for the community to go wild with tribute ideas.
    I make games (as day job and hobby), but in general i daydream about using Unity3D to produce weekly tv shows with a set of reusable assets (Unity and Unreal both seem keen on improving preproduction for high end hollywood studios/houses. but i think there's an overlooked opportunity to use these basically free tools to bring back the indie video maker community that youtube kinda killed off. Making short form narratives with drama, tone, story and structure - instead of following the current trend of streaming everything and just getting by on a cheery personality).